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Warriors Orochi 4 (無双OROCHI3, Musou Orochi 3; lit. Unmatched Orochi 3) is the latest installment of the crossover series Warriors Orochi.

Development began alongside Warriors All-Stars at the end of 2016. The producer is Masaki Furusawa, the director is Shigeto Nakadai, and the story supervisor is Suikoden writer Yoshitaka Murayama.

The Premium Box edition comes with an artbook, two soundtrack CDs, and 8 clear files featuring select characters in their deification forms. The Treasure Box edition includes the aforementioned bonuses plus a CD of the Omega Force 20th Anniversary Live event, a calendar, and a script signed by 10 of the voice actors. Consumers who purchased the game from Gamecity Shopping will receive a character tapestry and a set of clear bookmarkers.

The game's early access feature includes over 30 playable characters, story stages until episode 10, and online multiplayer battles.


Having forgotten the events of the previous installment, the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and Warring States are suddenly brought back to Orochi's world by Zeus, one of the Twelve Olympians. To return to their respective eras once more, they seek to find eight mysterious bangles with aid from the Mystics who remembered the past conflict.


  • Gameplay mechanics like class types and three-man teams are kept; however, the Wonder type is removed, putting it back to a total of three types (Power, Speed, and Technique).
  • The switch combo system from the previous installment now activates a tornado to pop enemies upwards, to make subsequent attacks easier to execute.
  • The base camp feature used in Warriors Orochi 3 returns. However, the camp is entirely menu-based, so there's no hub world to walk around in.
  • Players can send unused characters to Training for additional experience. They may even collect gems and weapons to bring back to the player.
  • Sacred Treasures allow the player to perform Magic, which replaces the prior Type Action mechanic from previous installments. Each one belongs to a different category separate from class type. R1 is used as the base button modifier for various magic commands.
    • R1 + X: Instantly summons a mount and has the player automatically mount it.
    • R1 + Square: Uses a Sacred Treasure's Normal Magic. Requires/consumes a small portion of the magic gauge.
    • R1 + Triangle: Triggers a Sacred Treasure's charge magic. Requires/consumes a full magic gauge to execute.
    • R1 + Circle: Executes Unique Magic, which is a magic unique to each character. Requires/consumes the player's entire magic gauge and half of their Musou gauge.
  • The triple attack function has been replaced by Unity Magic, which can be used if the Unity Gauge is filled up through repeated usage of Charge or Unique Magic. It is triggered by pressing R2 and L2 simultaneously, and causes affected enemies to drop more rewards than usual.
  • The combo counter now functions differently; it now retains the count for a long time until the player gets hit, or unless charge and unique magic spells are executed, which will reset the combo counter.
  • An online competitive mode called the Battle Arena is implemented.
  • Collaboration characters from the previous installment are omitted to further emphasize interactions between the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors cast.
  • Characters central to the story receive "deification" forms based on the number of bracelets found. These enable the use of enhanced actions that do more damage than normal.
  • Downloadable content includes weapons, costumes, and other bonuses.


All non-guest characters from the previous title return for the sequel. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires and Samurai Warriors 4-II characters and visuals are used for the playable cast. Six new playable additions are included, as well as the playable debut of Diamondback. All new characters added to the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series up to Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires and Samurai Warriors 4-II join the playable cast.

New Characters



Icon Name Unlock Method Type
True Warrior Obtain all of the trophies in the game. Platinum
Development Magnate Unlock all of the camp rewards. Gold
Completionist Complete all of the battle objectives in the main and side stories. Gold
Perfectionist Obtain an "S" rating in all of the battles in the main and side stories. Gold
Chaotic Good Complete all of the battles in the main and side stories on Chaotic difficulty. Silver
Untold Wealth Collect a total of 100,000 or more gems. Silver
Jack of All Skills Unlock all of the skills for a single character. Silver
On the Level Increase the level of a single character to its maximum value. Silver
Thick as Thieves Increase the bond with a single character to its maximum value. Silver
A Warrior's Best Friend Increase the compatibility of a single weapon to its maximum value. Silver
The Value of Experience Obtain 10,000 or more experience in a single battle. Silver
Veteran Warrior Complete 100 or more battle objectives. Silver
Hit for the Cycle Defeat an officer after landing normal, charge, regular, and magic attacks. Does not apply to mock battles. Silver
Consistent Performer Obtain an "S" rating in 30 or more battles. Silver
Soldier of Fortune Collect a total of 10 or more Crystals. Silver
Otherworldly Conqueror Complete the Story Mode. Silver
Magical Rivalry Nullify an enemy's magic attack. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
Prologue Finish Chapter 1. Bronze
Bonds between Heroes View one of the special friendship conversations. Bronze
The Chaos Deepens Finish Chapter 2. Bronze
New Beginnings Unlock one of the camp rewards. Bronze
A New Foe Finish Chapter 3. Bronze
Little by Little Unlock a skill for a single character. Bronze
Three-Way Struggle Finish Chapter 4. Bronze
Slayer of Chaos Complete a pandemonium battle. Bronze
Steel Fusion Fuse a weapon. Bronze
Hard Work Pays Off Receive a reward during training. Bronze
Strange Tales Complete all of the side stories. Bronze
Unrivaled Warrior Defeat 2,000 or more enemies in a single battle. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
Combo Master Defeat an officer after completing a 1,000 hit combo. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
Divine Intervention Perform 3 or more rage attacks in a single battle. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
The Challengers Complete 50 or more battle objectives. Bronze
Untouchable Complete a battle without taking any damage. Bronze
Speed Runner Complete a battle within 4 minutes of starting it. Bronze
Vanguard Defeat 3 or more officers within 2 minutes of starting a battle. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
Tripartite Forces Perform a unity magic attack. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
The Beginning Complete a battle. Bronze
Top Performer Obtain an "S" rating in a single battle. Bronze
Magic in Abundance Perform 2 or more unity magic attacks within 2 minutes. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
Strategic Destruction Defeat 5 or more officers with a single rage attack. Bronze
Resolute Destruction Defeat 5 or more officers with a single Musou attack. Bronze
Magical Destruction Defeat 5 or more officers with a single unique magic attack. Bronze
Combo Deity Defeat an officer after completing a 2,000 hit combo. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze
A Touch of Divinity Performed a rage attack. Does not apply to mock battles. Bronze


Related Media

The first livestream was broadcasted on June 9 with Masaki Furusawa presenting the game together with voice actors Masaya Onosaka, Eiji Takemoto, and Ryotaro Okiayu. A second livestream occurred on August 5 with Shiori Mikami replacing Ryotaro Okiayu as a guest.

A demo of the game will be available at China Festival 2018 from September 8 to 9. The venue is located at Yoyogi Park in Shibuya.

On September 27, Tokyo Game Show 2018 will be featuring the completed game with Suzuko Mimori as a special guest.

To further promote Warriors Orochi 4, the developers teamed up with famous game streamer Kojima Tenin to create a gameplay demo that would highlight the title's unique features and mechanics.

Maruchan is celebrating its company's 40th anniversary by holding a collaboration campaign with Warriors Orochi 4; select characters are chosen to represent the brand's ramen products, particularly Red Kitsune for Yukimura Sanada and Green Tanuki for Zhao Yun.

Image Song

Performed by Suzuko Mimori


  • Warriors Orochi 4 received a Guinness World Record for having the most amount of playable characters in its genre.
  • Unsho Ishizuka was going to voice Ujiyasu Hojo in this game before his passing on August 13, 2018. Ultimately Ujiyasu ended up being voiced by Masashi Ebara instead.
  • The Lasting Past BGM debuted in the western release, however this music was debuted in Shin Sangoku Musou MULTI RAID 2 which has not released overseas.


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