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Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper (無双OROCHI2 Hyper, Musou OROCHI 2 Hyper) is the second re-release of Warriors Orochi 3. It is Koei's launch title for the Wii U.


  • Players can play using either the console's handheld controllers or the Wii U gamepad. If the player plays solo using the gamepad, the mini-map is displayed on it.
  • A new multiplayer card-battle mode called Duel Mode is included. The player forms their trinity of choice and arm themselves with four cards before each match. After deciding their deck of four, the battle begins after a stage has been selected. Cards can change the effects of the player's team and fall into one of four categories:
    • Attack (Red) - deals damage.
    • Auxiliary (Green) - adds a special effect to team's attacks.
    • Obstruct (Blue) - places a limiting effect on opposing player's team.
    • Special (Yellow) - any other special effects or techniques which doesn't belong in the previous three; conditions to use are specific and they may have side effects.
Since cards have varying degrees of efficiency depending on the character, players are encouraged to experiment with various combinations. Victory is achieved once one of the player's life meter's is depleted. Rare stones are the rewards for winners.


The entire cast from Special appear with the following additions:

New Characters

New characters who debuted in Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd will not be in this game. The four new characters in Special and Hyper will not be available as DLC for the PS3/Xbox 360 ports.

Related Media

There are two guidebooks for this re-release. The first book centers on introducing the overall game system and includes stats, character affinities and so forth for the two new characters. Scenarios within the game's story and tips and tricks for using every character is the second book's focus.

A compiled databook includes character profiles and concepts, events, and movie information found within this game.


  • Similar to the previous collaboration characters, Momiji will feature her own theme from past games she has appeared in: "Fuga", her stage theme from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.
  • This game marks Seimei Abe and Rachel's debut within the Orochi games in the West.


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