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Nobunaga Oda saving Guan Ping in Warriors Orochi.

The Samurai or SW (戦国, Sengoku, lit. "Warring States/Kingdoms") force is an alliance exclusive to the Warriors Orochi series. The characters in this particular faction all follow a character from the Samurai Warriors series. Unlike the other factions, these characters are more likely to separate from one another after their story's climax. They also do not serve a particular lord for a kingdom and are joined by their common desire to end Orochi.


When the world became distorted and combined, major forces of the Sengoku period of Japan were transported to Orochi's world. The first to stand against Orochi was Hideyoshi Toyotomi and the Hōjō, who were caught up by the sudden change in the air and were on a truce at Odawara Castle. Both their forces were crushed with little opposition as the Toyotomi's Keiji Maeda and the Hōjō's Kotarō Fūma joined Orochi. When Shu was destroyed, many warlords now began to see the true threat that Orochi posed before them. Both Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi would put their rivalry aside and attacked Orochi at Kawanakajima. Despite their strategies and commanders, Orochi scattered the alliance with minimal effort.

After the conquest of Wu, Orochi tasked Sun Ce with sieging Ieyasu Tokugawa at his domain in Edo Castle. As luck would have it, Ieyasu had coincidentally send out his top general, Tadakatsu Honda, away the scout their surroundings before the siege. Despite thwarting Sun Ce's attempts to sabotage the castle, and receiving reinforcements from Masamune Date, Ieyasu is captured, and his forces, like the Wu army before them, were forced to join the Serpent King's conquests though Masamune whole-heartedly gave his support after witnessing Orochi's might. True enough, Ieyasu would be tasked with attacking his former lord, Nobunaga Oda, at Mikatagahara. Nobunaga, the warlord with the temerity to name himself Demon King, would be the only one to provide Orochi with any satisfaction as he crushed the Oda army as well. Several clans, such as the Hōjō and the Satake, would be forced to swear allegiance following Orochi's successful campaigning in his world.

Following their crushing defeats, the factions of the Oda, Takeda, and Uesugi, redoubled their efforts in accumulating the power needed to topple Orochi. Despite this, each were still privy about the others and refused to join hands. Nobunaga, alongside Hideyoshi, and Mitsuhide Akechi would make their move by rescuing the Shu remnants at Xiangyang, led by Guan Ping and Huang Zhong. Grateful for their rescue, the pair join Nobunaga, and Huang Zhong informs the warlord of Cao Cao, the former leader of Wei whose ambition rivaled that of Nobunaga who was supposedly held at Honnōji. Acting quickly, Nobunaga would take a force to try and rescue Cao Cao, only to learn that it was all just a rumor of Da Ji for the humans. Despite this trick, reinforcements from Cao Cao's lieutenant, Xiahou Dun, and Shingen, both having been drawn by the same rumor, would arrive to assist Nobunaga temporarily.

Afterwards, Nobunaga set his sights for Kyūshū, which held an independent force led by Xiaoqiao, Zhang Jiao, Okuni, and Sakon Shima. Making use of the disunity between the four, Nobunaga subdues them all and adds them to his forces. Knowing that Sakon had information over the imprisonment of Wu's leader, Sun Jian, Nobunaga heads to Tong Gate in order to cause a large enough disturbance for Sakon to head towards Sun Ce and induce him to desert Orochi. This task was largely successful as the Oda forces defeated Dong Zhuo and the Shu generals forced to guard him.

By this time, the Takeda would decide to work with the Uesugi again, marshalling their forces against both Cao Pi and Sun Quan at Nagashino. Sensing an opportunity, Nobunaga would first attack the Orochi forces' base at Guandu with the bulk of its army out at Nagashino. Despite Da Ji's schemes, the Oda seize the castle at the cost of both the Takeda-Uesugi alliance being nearly annihilated by their foes. To follow-up, Nobunaga then attacked Cao Pi and Sun Quan's battered armies at Fan Castle. Though the Orochi army successfully flooded Fan Castle, Hideyoshi retook the floodgates and turned the battle against the two. As the battle dragged on, however, Nobunaga soon caught on Cao Pi's attempts to sabotage Orochi from within, and would convince the wandering Xiahou Dun to give support to his lord's son.

True to Nobunaga's plans, both Sun Ce, and Cao Pi, would desert the Orochi army on their own terms. Now aware that Nobunaga played his hand in their departures, Da Ji formed a massive army to meet the Oda at the Wuzhang Plains, but her plans were foiled by the sudden arrival of both Kenshin and Shingen, having faked their deaths, to reinforce Nobunaga's flanks. The three would push forward together, alongside reinforcements from both Wei and Wu, towards Koshi Castle, where they finally slew Orochi. Content with their great victory together, the three choose to go their separate ways and war with one another once again.

In the second game, the leaders of the Alliance went their own separate ways, and the alliance was disbanded. Whilst on a trip to meet a friend, Sakon would walk into a battle between Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo at Lou Sang Village, where the Yellow Turbans where struggling against Dong Zhuo's forces. Accompanying to help Sakon would be other vagrants, Xu Huang, Guan Ping, Huang Zhong, and Yoshihiro Shimazu While helping Zhang Jiao, an unnamed warrior arrives and helps cut off Dong Zhuo's retreat, seeing Sakon's interference as a test of sorts. Nonetheless, with chaos thriving again, and being informed by the warrior of Da Ji's plan to revive Orochi, Sakon decides to meet Shingen to help quell the land until he encounters Da Ji escorting a young girl at Ji Province. Despite their efforts, both escape, but Sakon meets Shingen and informs him of what will happen to the land once again. Agreeing with Sakon, Shingen provides his support for Sakon's plan against Da Ji.

Hoping to form an alliance of the most powerful forces he can find, Sakon then deicides to seek an audience with the Uesugi. By chance, Yukimura Sanada reports that Kanetsugu Naoe is under attack from Sun Wukong at Hasedō. Using this as an opportunity, Sakon move to rescue Kanetsugu, but are barred from escaping by Sun Wukong. Surprisingly, the same warrior that helped against Dong Zhuo would arrive again to aid the humans. This time, however, Sakon pulls in his new ally before he can, and the man introduces himself as Fu Xi, a mystic seeking to stop Orochi's revival. Afterwards, Kanetsugu takes Sakon to Kenshin, who also joins the strategist's alliance. With two powerful clans at his side, Sakon decides to meet with Masamune, who has remained allied with Da Ji and is positioned at Changban. Despite Shingen and Kanetsugu's attempts, neither are able to convince Masamune to join them. Coincidentally, a report would emerge stating that the Wu forces at Liang Province were under attack.

Seeking Sun Ce's aid once again, both Sima Yi and Yoshihiro are sent to fight Lu Bu. As thanks for the reinforcements, Lu Meng promises to take Sakon's message to Sun Jian and pledges himself to their cause. The last great power for Sakon's plan would be the Oda, and Sakon would attempt to depart from Hulao Gate in order to meet Nobunaga. This time, Dong Zhuo would surround Sakon, but Nobunaga would surprisingly take his troops to Hulao Gate instead, winning them a major victory against Dong Zhuo.

With the Oda, Uesugi, and Takeda united once more, the three lead a multi-pronged attack on Kiyomori Taira at Baidi Castle. Though Kiyomori is ultimately slain, he is still successful in reviving Orochi. Though the plan to prevent Orochi's revival fail, Sakon still had four powerful factions working together, and they took the bulk of their forces to confront Orochi X at Sekigahara. Following the Serpent King's second death, Sakon returned to his wandering, planning to see his friend now that the crisis was averted.

In Shu's story, the Tokugawa have now formed an alliance with Liu Bei, while Nobunaga will also appear in Wei's story to provide reinforcements for Cao Cao. In the third game, the Hōjō are now allied with Wu, and remain in their base at Odawara, which was overrun by the time of the Hydra's emergence. The Tokugawa, still allied with Liu Bei, would fall with their ally at Chengdu, and the Oda, who was busy warring with Cao Cao, were scattered everywhere to parts unknown. The Toyotomi would remain independent from the Oda and the Tokugawa, but were wiped out following their flight through Mikatagahara and Nagashino.

Warriors Orochi



Subordinate Generals

Warriors Orochi 2 (Orochi)

This list refers to the faction's ranks during Orochi's story mode. It combines the Hojo and Toyotomi armies, the Uesugi and Takeda alliance, the Tokugawa-Date army, and Nobunaga's first army.


  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • Shingen Takeda
  • Kenshin Uesugi
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa
  • Nobunaga Oda


Subordinate Generals

Warriors Orochi 2



Subordinate Generals

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