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The Coalition's leaders.

The Coalition (連合軍, rengō-gun), also known as the Resistance Army, is a band of warriors who joined together to fight against the Hydra in Warriors Orochi 3. The group is initially formed by Sima Zhao, Hanbei, and Ma Chao under the guidance of Kaguya. They return to the past for the purpose of preventing the deaths of other warriors and to weaken the Demon Army.

As the game's story progresses, the future Coalition eventually grows to include nearly every warrior involved in the dimensional realm's conflict. When the army reaches its full potential, the group's founding members are appointed as the leaders for the final battle.

Ultimate says their combined efforts slew Hydra and the group remains relatively intact. Their trust in one another is tested when Tamamo creates doubles of their current members to wreck havoc. Once the deception is cleared by the mystics, they eventually repay the mystics by traveling back to the past to restore the Divine Mirror. With the true villainous mastermind clear to them, they band together to defeat and seal Kyūbi.






Sima Zhao's Regiment

Ma Chao's Regiment

Hanbei's Regiment

Other Members

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