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Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate (無双OROCHI3 アルティメット, Musou OROCHI 3 Ultimate) is a re-release of Warriors Orochi 4.

Tomohiko Sho serves as the producer and director for this title.

Those who own the base game can download the "Ultimate Upgrade Pack" to obtain the title's new additions.

The Deluxe edition comes with a variety of in-game bonuses and items.


  • New scenarios are added to complement the base game's main story (Including stories such as Loki's past relationship with Perseus, a larger focus on Odin's background, and why Zhong Hui and various humans joined up with Odin).
  • One new character will receive a deification form.
  • The Promote system from Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate returns.
  • A gameplay challenge called Infinity Mode is included. It rewards the players with materials needed to obtain new weapons. It is somewhat reminiscent of Gauntlet Mode in Warriors Orochi 3.
  • Two new trials in Challenge Mode are added, each one rewarding the player with unique attributes for their weapons.
  • Four new Sacred Treasures are added to the game.
  • It is now possible for characters to use Sacred Treasures other than their own.
  • The Musou Switch function allows players to chain different Musou attacks performed by each character in their party together by holding either L1/R1 and Circle.
  • User interface and control settings have been adjusted to heighten gameplay convenience. The character selection menu is now based on the format used in Warriors Orochi 3.
  • Downloadable content includes weapons, costumes, and other bonuses.


Seven new playable additions are included, three of which are returning guest characters who appeared in the third title.


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
Master of Battle Complete all battle objectives in every main and side story battle. Silver
Weapon Master Acquire 100 different types of weapons using the craft command. Silver
Legends United Unlock all playable characters in Infinity Mode. Silver
Alternate Ending Finish the final chapter. Silver
Pinnacle of Friendship View the bond events for all new characters. Bronze
One Man Destroyer Complete one of the newly added battles after defeating a total of 1 million enemies (mock battles excluded). Bronze
Path to the Finish Finish Chapter 7. Bronze
Reliving Your Glories Promote a single officer 9 times. Bronze
Conqueror of the Tale of Legends Complete all newly added main and side stories. Bronze

Related Media

A teaser site for the game was first released on August 26.

It was featured in TGS 2019 with Masaya Onosaka and Eiji Takemoto as MCs for the company's booth event. Saori Hayami, the voice of new character Gaia, also appeared as a guest.

Image Song

  • Statice
Performed by Saori Hayami


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