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Musou OROCHI Z (無双OROCHI Z) is a game that combines Warriors Orochi and Warriors Orochi 2 in a single game. It was tentatively titled Warriors Orochi: The Collective for international releases, but localization efforts have been canceled. The new characters, costumes, and voice option were made available in various regions as the PSP port for Warriors Orochi 2.


  • The game has 12 new stages, two new movies, more cutscenes, additional character interactions, and a handful of new songs made for the compilation. One track in particular is Orochi's Theme, something that was expected to be created by the sound director.
  • Dynasty Warriors including Chinese figures cast now has Dynasty Warriors's sound effect hit & Musou when the player character is Dynasty Warriors or Chinese figures. The sound effects are not affected in VS Mode & Multiplayer Mode except Dynasty Warriors's Musou sound effect.
  • Graphics have also been upgraded significantly from previous ports. In-game cutscenes no longer have any black overlays on the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Each player in 2P mode is now able to choose their own team of characters independent of the other player.
  • Minor changes to maps, participating generals, songs for battles, and events have occurred. For instance, Kazumasu Takigawa replaces Toshiie to extinguish the flames at Honnōji in the Warriors Orochi Samurai story. Wuzhang Plains in Samurai stage 7 now plays 'Sacred Ground' from Dynasty Warriors 3 instead of 'Antispecter'. Yamazaki also plays a remix of its Samurai Warriors theme.
  • Treasures are now spread out between both titles and requirements for retrieving them have been tweaked.
  • Requirements for unlocking Dream Stages from Warriors Orochi 2 are slightly more lenient than before. Many stages, such as Battle of Yan Province and Encounter at Nan Zhong, only require that each participating character is unlocked.
  • Story mode stages are marked in chronological order with Warriors Orochi acting as the first eight stages. Completing the first game is needed to unlock the second game, which lists the sequel's previous stage 1 as "stage 9" (excluding the Orochi story).
  • Most characters now have a total of eight images for their individual image gallery. Only Dodomeki, Gyūki, and Orochi X do not have image galleries.
  • The soldier types have adhered to the first game, rather than the second game, so there is more variety within the infantry, thus stages from the second game have been modified so that the heavy samurai units are included, along with any other soldiers that were cut from the second game. Base captains also have received a lot more guards, though defeating the captain causes them all to retreat anyway.
    • However, playable generals are now updated from their second installment versions.
  • Four possible costumes now exist for each character. The Dynasty Warriors characters can unlock their Dynasty Warriors 6 costumes and Samurai Warriors characters can unlock their alternate outfits from Samurai Warriors or Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends. Characters who weren't available in these games obtain a new look. For the Dynasty Warriors characters, only the outfits and hairstyle change; facial features and weapons from their regular models remain. Dodomeki, Gyūki, and Orochi X do not have alternate costumes.


Dream Mode

New dream modes are included into the game. They include characters who previously didn't have a dream mode in Warriors Orochi 2. It also features two side story stages for both of the newcomers introduced in this expansion title.

Versus Mode

Retains the same mechanics as before but players can additionally compete with a computer opponent.


The game introduces two new characters and additionally has Dodomeki and Gyūki playable in all modes. While the last two characters still have the same requirements for unlocking them, the newer characters are available at the start of the game in Free Mode under the "Other 2" section.

New characters


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
True Musou Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
Supreme Trinity Unlock all playable characters. Gold
Unparalleled Warrior in History Complete all stages on Chaos difficulty. Gold
Indomitable Fighter Complete 50 stages in Survival Mode. Gold
Treasure Hunter Acquire all ingredients. Gold
Top Class Instructor Acquire all skills. Gold
Unbridled Collector Acquire all characters' weapons. Gold
Dandy of Chaos Acquire all costumes. Gold
Dance of Wonderful Colors Unlock 400 or more wallpapers. Gold
Bonds of Virtue Clear Shu's story mode. Silver
Conqueror's Triumphant Return Clear Wei's story mode. Silver
Tiger's Fierce Comeback Clear Wu's story mode. Silver
Japan's Strongest Warrior Clear Samurai story mode. Silver
Noble Villain Clear Orochi's story mode. Silver
Fighting Brave Clear 30 stages in Survival Mode. Silver
Courageous 1,000 Man Slayer Get 1,000 KOs in one battle. Silver
Confetti Obtain 200 or more wallpapers. Silver
Swift Warrior Clear a scenario within one minute. Silver
Rough Warrior Beat one battle in Survival Mode. Bronze
Shaky Dancer Perform a combo with 100 or more hits. Bronze
Great Victory Obtain 10,000 or more experience in one battle. Bronze
Warrior's Sword Get 300 or more KOs in one battle. Bronze

Bugs and Glitches

A lot of them were fixed with patch updates but here are the notable ones that still remain.

Disappearing Benkei
Have Benkei equipped with a weapon that has "Highflier" on it (this upgrade allows characters to jump during charge attacks). Perform his C2 where he digs underneath the ground. At the moment he's underneath the ground, try to jump cancel out of the charge. The timing is really difficult to nail and the frame of error is short. If it's performed quick enough, the sound effect for Benkei rising out of the ground will play but his character model will not be visible. He can still be controlled as though he has reemerged but it may take some time to get used to his invisibility.
No weapon for 2nd player
This glitch only affects the character cutscenes during battle. If the 2nd player triggers the stage's movie event between characters, their characters will have the 1st player's costumes and will have no weapon visible during the movie.


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