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Warriors Orochi 2 (無双OROCHI 魔王再臨, Musou OROCHI Maō Sairin, translated as "Unmatched Orochi: Demon King Rebirth") is an enhanced Warriors Orochi. This game features fifteen new characters and eight new stages.


  • Proficiency now also unlocks costumes and images in character galleries. Defeating five hundred enemies or five generals increases the character's proficiency level (maximum is 50).
  • It is much easier to switch between characters than before. Characters can be switched whilst mounted and during combos.
  • Each character has received a Strategy that activates by meeting a certain objective.
  • Team members can support one another when the character in the field is in trouble. When the player is hit, tap L1 with Square or Triangle at the cost of the helper's Musou. Square will bring out the character left of the player's character icon and Triangle will call out the one on the right. Each assist attack involves the respective team member coming out and performing one of their set attacks before disappearing.
  • Characters can perform a desperation attack with the entire team called a Triple Attack, or a Union Art (合体技, Gattai Waza) in the Japanese scripts. It can be activated by simultaneously pressing L2 and R2 when the controlling character has their life in the red and a full Musou bar. Certain team combinations have unique versions of this move.
  • The unique items have been removed in favor of Treasures. They can be collected by completing certain missions in select Story stages. They can be used to make unique upgrades for characters' weapons.
  • Enemy attack power and endurance have been lowered on higher difficulty levels.
  • Horse jumping is now an ability limited to Samurai Warriors-type characters. The only way a character with the Dynasty Warriors-archetype can perform this technique is through a game glitch, which is achieved by rapidly flicking the left analog stick to the diagonally left-to-right or by jamming Triangle.
  • Characters and character types have been tweaked, along with most C1 and C2 no longer able to activate elements. Any multi-input charge attacks only activate elements on their first and/or last attacks/inputs.
  • A majority of projectile attacks, such as arrows and cutting wave-based moves now do less hitstun and damage (without any damage-improving elements attached).
  • Graphics for the R1 Type Actions and Musou Attacks have changed.
  • Brand new weapon elements, attributes and the like have been added.
  • A lot of the troop types from the first game have been either removed or simplified; such as the heavy infantry for the Samurai Warriors games no longer appearing, archers all sharing the same design from Dynasty Warriors, women samurai or amazoness (led by Zhurong) being replaced by generic women soldiers, Fire Ninja from Samurai Warriors being replaced by Bombraider but the moveset still retain and other units use less weapons such as the two bladed infantry being changed into regular infantry.
    • However, Private peons from Dynasty Warriors appeared in the PSP port.
  • The Generic Samurai Officer, Larger Officer from Dynasty Warriors & Orochi Officer (except Naginata user) are now adapted their movesets from Dynasty Warriors.


Story Mode

The Story Mode is expanded to include a story dedicated to Orochi, which is prelude to the events in the first title. Stories no longer contain side stages and only consist of eight stages.

Dream Mode

This new mode allows players to go through a set of unique stages independent from Story Mode using preset teams linked to a particular theme.

Survival Mode

This is a Tag-Team mode that is a callback to the original Dynasty Warriors. Players choose three characters from those that have been unlocked to fight against an opposing team in an arena. The stage walls can be destroyed and characters can be ringed out. Victory is claimed by defeating one member of any team. All characters retain their initial stats in this mode.

VS Mode

A two-player versus mode. This offers four mini-games that pit the players against each other in a test of skill.


Wallpaper includes concept art, CG renders and special movie images for each character —excluding Orochi X, Gyuki, and Dodomeki. The various backgrounds can be unlocked by acquiring all abilities for a character and maxing out their proficiency. Wallpaper Edit is unlocked by playing every character at least once. Unlocked weapons can be viewed in the Weapons option, and the Treasure Guide includes broad tips for locating treasures.

The Movies option allows players to watch pre-rendered cutscenes that have been unlocked. Game previews for Dynasty Warriors 6 and Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends are included.


All characters from the previous title return for the sequel, alongside the new characters from Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends. Fu Xi and Nuwa, the two exclusively free mode characters from Dynasty Warriors 3.


VS mode and PSP exclusive

PSP exclusive

Bugs and Glitches

Other than the horse charge glitch mentioned earlier in the article, here are a few other glitches.

Orochi X Glitch - The first one is a minor bug and pretty harmless. Play as Orochi X and defeat Da Ji or Kiyomori. The dialogue will rollback to a previous line rather than play the normal officer defeated line. This seems to happen at Shu's Koshi Castle, Wu's Itsukushima, Samurai's Chang Ban, and Wei's Komaki-Nagakute. There's also the small chance where his C3 will miss one person but completely annihilate two others, regardless of their health or defense. It seems that this bug is more prevalent on the Japanese PSP port than the PlayStation 2 or other ports.

Petrified Nagamasa Bug - During the Battle of Kyushu dream stage, players can experience a rare chance of freezing and bugging when they perform a charge attack while they're standing close to the "petrified" Nagamasa. One of the ladies will have their body stuck halfway through the ground and may not attack, move, or switch. The only way to mend the problem is to soft reset. A variation of the same bug may have the ladies levitate a few feet off the ground with no means to get down.

Shingen Throwing Glitch - When Shingen performs his R1 counter, it's possible for him to accidentally throw his foe into the ground. This occurs when players try to perform his counter and a team assist at the same time. Unfortunately, since the enemy is stuck underneath the ground, it's impossible to damage them in anyway. There is a slight chance that the game might freeze when this occurs and any mid-stage saves will need to be erased.


Icon Name Unlock Method Xbox Points
Available Officers - 50 Save the game with 50 or more officers unlocked. 20
Available Officers - 60 Save the game with 60 or more officers unlocked. 20
Available Officers - 70 Save the game with 70 or more officers unlocked. 20
Available Officers - 80 Save the game with 80 or more officers unlocked. 20
Available Officers - 90 Save the game with 90 or more officers unlocked. 20
All Officers Available Save the game with all officers unlocked. 80
Treasure Acquired - 10 Save the game with at least 10 treasures acquired. 30
Treasure Acquired - 20 Save the game with at least 20 treasures acquired. 30
All Treasure Acquired Save the game with all treasures acquired. 80
Ability Level 30 Save the game with the total level of acquired abilities at 30 or higher. 20
Ability Level 60 Save the game with the total level of acquired abilities at 60 or higher. 20
Ability Level 90 Save the game with the total level of acquired abilities at 90 or higher. 20
Ability Level 120 Save the game with the total level of acquired abilities at 120 or higher. 20
Ability Level 150 Save the game with the total level of acquired abilities at 150 or higher. 20
Level Four Weapon Acquisition Save the game after acquiring a fourth weapon. 40
Clear Shu Storyline Save the game after clearing the Shu storyline. 40
Clear Wei Storyline Save the game after clearing the Wei storyline. 40
Clear Wu Storyline Save the game after clearing the Wu storyline. 40
Clear SW Storyline Save the game after clearing the SW storyline. 40
Clear Orochi Storyline Save the game after clearing the Orochi storyline. 40
Dream Mode - 6 Cleared Save the game after clearing at least 6 Dream Mode scenarios. 30
Dream Mode - 12 Cleared Save the game after clearing at least 12 Dream Mode scenarios. 30
Dream Mode - 18 Cleared Save the game after clearing at least 18 Dream Mode scenarios. 30
Dream Mode - 24 Cleared Save the game after clearing at least 24 Dream Mode scenarios. 30
Dream Mode - All Cleared Save the game after clearing all Dream Mode scenarios. 80
Survival Mode Victory Save the game after recording at least 1 win in Survival Mode. 40
All Difficulties Cleared Save the game after clearing all Story Mode and Dream Mode scenarios at all difficulties. 100

Differences between ports

The PSP port has the following changes from its base:

  • Several optional dialogues between characters during battle are added.
  • The Strikeforce Fury forms for Zhao Yun, Sun Shang Xiang, and Xiahou Dun can also be used in the Japanese version. They become playable after their respective kingdoms' story modes have been completed. If the characters are in a team with these outfits, they will also perform a unique Triple Attack together.
  • The gallery's game previews changes to Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce.
  • Extra content introduced in Musou OROCHI Z (including fourth costumes, Benkei and San Zang) and respective voice options were added for the North American, Chinese, and European releases.

Related Media

Aside from the guide books and a character illustration book, Koei officially funded the following publications for this game:

  • Comic Musou Orochi Maoh Sairin ~ Another Action - collection of four panel parody comics created and illustrated by fans. ISBN: 978-4-7758-0682-1
  • Comic Musou Orochi Maoh Sairin ~ Super Action - ISBN: 978-4-7758-0683-8
  • Comic Musou Orochi Maoh Sairin ~ Hyper Action - ISBN: 978-4-7758-0684-5

Free samples of all three books -as well as the fan comics for Warriors Orochi- can be seen here.

Image Song

Performed by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
*used for commercials


  • This is the last Warriors Orochi title to have an English Dub.
  • This is not the actual next installment of Warriors Orochi due to its original Japanese title not having a number in its name.
  • The Yamazaki Stage in the Wu Story Mode was originally to play the track "Yamazaki - KATANA Remix" which was listed in the datamining, though it ended up scrapped for the final release
    • This would end up being the fulfilled case by the time of Musou OROCHI Z being released however.


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