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The Yashio'ori (八塩折) is a special weapon invented by Taigong Wang in Warriors Orochi 3. Resembling a futuristic mobile cannon, it uses a portion of Shuten Dōji's power as fuel to fire beams of pure energy. Created for the sole purpose of saving the world, this weapon is the only thing that can fully neutralize the Hydra. With the help of Kaguya's time-traveling abilities, the coalition was able to mass-produce the Yashio'ori and use them to slay each head of the beast several times.

Because the Hydra no longer exists in Ultimate, the Yashi'ori had fulfilled its purpose and isn't seen beyond Orochi's death in the Good Ending.

Its namesake is one of the first wines to be mentioned in Japanese mythology, Yashiori or Yashio'ori (八塩折之酒). This same wine was used by Susanoo to subdue the eight heads of the heavily drunken Yamata no Orochi. He poured it within eight urns from which the serpent drank. Its name literally translates as "Eight Salt Bend/Snapper" in contemporary characters. Apparently it is made by a constantly repeated cycle of distilling raw materials, squeezing out the sediment liquid, adding more raw ingredients, and draining them again. The process is continued at least eight times. Since the alcohol content would be realistically low by its completion, some people argue that it closely resembles a non-alcoholic water based sweet wine rather than the heavy liquor found in mythology.


Though it shares the same role as any siege weapon in battle, the functions of the Yashio'ori work differently in that it has two gauges for different attacks. Holding Square will cause it to fire small energy bullets like a machine gun. Its second and most powerful attack is a huge laser beam activated by pressing Circle once. This mode of attack is best reserved for the Hydra since using it will cause the laser's energy gauge to deplete momentarily.

For all its endurance, the Yashio'ori is not invulnerable to damage. The destruction of the weapon will automatically cause the game to end in defeat. Therefore, it is highly recommended to shoot down incoming fireballs spewed by the beast. If players choose to confront the Hydra without clearing Chapter 3, only one Yashio'ori will be used in that particular battle. In any event, the well-being of the weapon is essential in order to progress through the game.

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