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Power (パワー or 力) is a character category introduced in the Warriors Orochi series and visually signified by the color red. Those who belong to this type tend to be powerhouse characters who excel at dealing and soaking up damage.

In the first Warriors Orochi game, their R1 Type Action has them consume a hefty amount of Musou to unleash "Special Arts" (必殺技, Hissatsu Waza, lit. Sure-Killing Arts). These typically come in the form of overwhelming attacks, aura buffs, or both; they often provide limited invulnerability for the user when executed, and inflict the most amount of damage compared to other Type Actions. However, notable downsides to such Type Actions include their high Musou cost and inability to be executed while performing other attacks or taking damage.

The third title does away with the latter downside to make their Type Actions become cancel-able into with ease, while rendering the Type Actions of many Power-type characters to be more offense-oriented. Nearly all Type Actions from the other 3 categories essentially function akin to the Special Arts/Sure-Killing Arts with full invulnerability and can reverse out of hitstun akin to Musou Attacks.

Because Power-type characters are more dependent on their Musou gauge, it is recommended for players to equip certain abilities to either conserve Musou or replenish it in various ways. They also benefit the most from weapon upgrade skills in the second game.

In the first two installments, executing a Musou Chain with two or more power characters will imbue their attacks with the Multi attribute. This enables them to rack up an insane amount of combo hits especially if the character being played as happens to be a fast attacker.

Characters within this category have an innate Hyper Armor effect that prevents them from being flinched by regular attacks. Unfortunately, while also being independent of their own defense stats vs. their attackers' attack stats, it does not protect them from being affected by moves that knock the victim off their feet, charge attacks, Type Actions, and Musou Attacks. It also does not apply if they happen to be airborne. Hyper Armor also may fail against arrows or higher ranked targets, especially in difficulty settings like Chaos which are geared to have damage inflicted ignore the player's defense stat (thus Hyper Armor only works when the user is attacking).

In the third installment, characters with Hyper Armor while they are more resistant to the aforementioned normal moves + arrows across all difficulty settings, are tweaked to become vulnerable to flinching by said normal attacks if struck while in a stunned or staggered state, which properly primes them up for the incoming combo.

Warriors Orochi 4 grants Power-type characters the ability to cancel their attacks into a guard stance by holding L1 until a white flash occurs. This further expands their defensive options while giving them the means to act more flexibly in fights. Their charge attacks also have guard-breaking properties, enabling them to pierce through an enemy officer's defenses.


Warriors Orochi 1~2

Benkei Dong Zhuo Fu Xi Ginchiyo Tachibana
Goemon Ishikawa Guan Ping Guan Yu Gyūki
Huang Gai Ieyasu Tokugawa Katsuie Shibata Keiji Maeda
Kenshin Uesugi Kiyomori Taira Kunoichi Lu Bu
Ma Chao Meng Huo Nagamasa Azai Orochi X
Orochi Pang De Ranmaru Mori Sun Ce
Sun Quan Tadakatsu Honda Toshiie Maeda Xiahou Yuan
Xu Zhu Yoshihiro Shimazu Yoshimoto Imagawa Zhang Fei
Zhang Liao Zhu Rong

Warriors Orochi 3

Achilles Cao Ren Deng Ai Dian Wei
Ding Feng Gan Ning Gyūki Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Hundun Keiji Maeda Kiyomasa Katō Kojirō Sasaki
Lu Bu Lu Meng Masanori Fukushima Meng Huo
Muneshige Tachibana Musashi Miyamoto Nuwa Orochi X
Orochi Pang De Rachel Ryu Hayabusa
Shingen Takeda Sima Zhao Sterkenburg Cranach Susano'o
Tadakatsu Honda Taishi Ci Toshiie Maeda Wei Yan
Xiahou Ba Xiahou Dun Xu Huang Xu Zhu
Yinglong Yoshihiro Shimazu Zhang Fei

Warriors Orochi 4

Achilles Benkei Cao Ren Deng Ai
Diamondback Dian Wei Ding Feng Dong Zhuo
Gan Ning Gyūki Hades Han Dang
Hideyoshi Toyotomi Hisahide Matsunaga Huang Gai Hundun
Ieyasu Tokugawa Kagekatsu Uesugi Katsuie Shibata Keiji Maeda
Kiyomasa Katō Kojirō Sasaki Li Dian Lu Bu
Lu Lingqi Lu Meng Ma Chao Masanori Fukushima
Meng Huo Muneshige Tachibana Musashi Miyamoto Nuwa
Odin Okuni Orochi X Orochi
Pang De Perseus Shingen Takeda Shuten Dōji
Sun Jian Susano'o Tadakatsu Honda Taishi Ci
Toshiie Maeda Toyohisa Shimazu Wei Yan Wen Yang
Xiahou Ba Xiahou Dun Xu Huang Xu Zhu
Yinglong Yoshihiro Shimazu Yu Jin Zeus
Zhang Bao Zhang Fei Zhang Liao Zhurong


  • Lu Bu is the only Power-type with a Deification Form in the 4th installment.
  • Zhang Fei, Xu Zhu, Pang De, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, Keiji, Tadakatsu, Toshiie, Yoshihiro, both forms of Orochi and Gyūki have been the Power-types that have retained their typing across the series the most.


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