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Technique (テクニック or 技) is a character type introduced in the Warriors Orochi series. Visually represented by the color yellow, characters under this category tend to be well-balanced in terms of raw stats and specialize in juggling airborne foes via auxiliary attacks.

By tapping R1 instead of Triangle, Technique characters are able to perform Enhanced Strikes AKA Extra/EX Charge Attacks (abbreviated as "C#-EX"), enhancing their charge attacks to have higher potency, especially with faster attack speed animations and/or having any multi-input charge attacks transition through their whole string automatically (normally indicated with having a red afterimage during animations). Most of all, certain Enhanced Strikes within the Technique character's moveset acts as their primary Type Action Special (abbreviated as "C#-EX-SP") that yields different effects depending on the individual. Some unleash powerful attacks while others produce useful buff effects.

The sequel while changing the afterimage to be white, provides a number of Enhanced Strikes with additional properties like higher damage boost, elemental activation, more projectiles, etc. (especially since any base C1 and C2 attacks in said sequel no longer activate elements).

When struck by an enemy, the player can instantly retaliate with a counterattack dubbed as an Extra/EX Counter using R1. Counterattacks can be considered a second Type Action as the animations vary between different characters. While this feature is invaluable in higher difficulties, it will not work if the player is knocked away or sent into the air, even though it works within the brief window of getting stunned or suffering from a trip hit-effect (hitstun effects that are impossible to reverse out of normally with a Musou Attack).

A passive trait all Technique-type characters have is the ability to inflict critical hits carried over from Samurai Warriors 2 on airborne targets with charge attacks, including all Enhanced Strikes and EX Counters. This is indicated by a subtle blue flash for x1.4 extra damage and encourages players to juggle foes repeatedly for additional damage. Said critical hits can even occur during any active hitboxes on juggled targets as long as the user inputs a charge attack.

Just like Power-type characters, they rely heavily on Musou consumption in order to perform their unique maneuvers. It is highly recommended to give them abilities or attributes to help keep their Musou gauge up at all times.

In the first two installments, executing a Musou Chain with two or more technique characters will imbue their attacks with the Absorb attribute. If implemented properly, a character can potentially prolong their attacks by constantly draining Musou from nearby targets, fulfilling the type's proficiency in building up combos.

Warriors Orochi 3 reworks them with auxiliary-based Type Actions that may or may not help initiate combo attacks (especially with a launch involved), and no longer count as charge attacks that can crit. They are also given the step strafe from Samurai Warriors 3; by tapping X while guarding, the player can step in four directions from nearby enemy attacks instantly while receiving a brief window of invulnerability. The game grants it an added effect of being able to cancel into instant running attacks unlike in the native game. Although Technique characters can no longer perform Enhanced Strikes and EX Counters, they can still deal critical hits on airborne targets through their charge attacks (or the new EX Attacks for Dynasty Warriors characters).

In Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, sidestepping can now be employed upon being attacked or getting staggered by a guard-breaking hit via the Evasion Step mechanic. There is even an item that allows charge attacks to be canceled into a sidestep strafe albeit without a window of invulnerability, allowing it to be used offensively especially in tandem with Dash Chains.

During the fourth entry, Technique characters inherit the Spirit Charge mechanic from the omitted Wonder type, as well as making its physics act more in line with the Samurai Warriors version of it. Those introduced in the Warriors Orochi series have a special upgrade that allows them to produce elemental shockwaves while executing a spirit charge on foes. All Samurai Warriors figures can all natively sidestep once more like in their native game.


Warriors Orochi 1~2

Note: Characters listed here will also have their primary EX Special listed.

Cao Pi (C6-EX-SP) Cao Ren (C2-EX-SP) Da Ji (C1-EX-SP) Da Qiao (C1-EX-SP)
Dian Wei (C3-EX-SP) Diao Chan (C1-EX-SP) Hanzō Hattori (C3-EX-SP) Hideyoshi Toyotomi (C1-EX-SP)
Huang Zhong (C4-EX-SP) Kanetsugu Naoe (C1-EX-SP) Kojirō Sasaki (C5-EX-SP) Liu Bei (C1-EX-SP)
Lu Xun (C1-EX-SP) Magoichi Saika (C1-EX-SP) Motochika Chosokabe (C3-EX-SP) Musashi Miyamoto (C1-EX-SP)
Nobunaga Oda (C1-EX-SP) Oichi (C1-EX-SP) Okuni (C1-EX-SP) Shingen Takeda (C1-EX-SP)
Taigong Wang (C1-EX-SP) Xu Huang (C3-EX-SP) Yoshitsune Minamoto (C1-EX-SP) Yuan Shao (C1-EX-SP)
Yue Ying (C1-EX-SP) Yukimura Sanada (C1-EX-SP) Zhang Jiao (C1-EX-SP) Zhao Yun (C3-EX-SP)
Zhou Yu (C1-EX-SP) Zhuge Liang (C1-EX-SP)

Warriors Orochi 3

Benkei Cao Cao Fu Xi Ginchiyo Tachibana
Goemon Ishikawa Guan Ping Guan Suo Guan Yu
Guo Huai Himiko Ieyasu Tokugawa Ina
Jiang Wei Kaguya Kanbei Kuroda Katsuie Shibata
Kiyomori Taira Lianshi Ling Tong Masamune Date
Mitsuhide Akechi Mitsunari Ishida Momiji Nemea
Nene Sima Shi Sima Yi Sophitia Alexandra
Sun Ce Sun Shangxiang Ujiyasu Hōjō Xiaoqiao
Yoshimoto Imagawa Zhang Liao Zhenji Zhong Hui
Zhuge Dan Zuo Ci

Warriors Orochi 4

Athena Aya Cao Cao Fa Zheng
Fu Xi Gaia Ginchiyo Tachibana Goemon Ishikawa
Gracia Guan Ping Guan Suo Guan Xing
Guan Yu Guo Huai Himiko Ina
Jiang Wei Joan of Arc Kaguya Kanbei Kuroda
Kiyomori Taira Koshōshō Kyūbi Lady Hayakawa
Lianshi Ling Tong Liu Bei Liu Shan
Loki Lu Su Ma Dai Magoichi Saika
Mitsuhide Akechi Mitsunari Ishida Motonari Mōri Munenori Yagyū
Naotora Ii Pang Tong Sakon Shima
Sanzang Shennong Sima Shi Sima Yi
Sima Zhao Sun Ce Sun Shangxiang Takakage Kobayakawa
Tamamo Ujiyasu Hōjō Xiahou Yuan Yoshimoto Imagawa
Yoshitsugu Ōtani Zhang Chunhua Zhang Jiao Zhenji
Zhuge Dan Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang Zuo Ci


  • Mysteriously in the 3rd Orochi entry via its Ultimate version, Himiko due to a bug is the only Technique character that cannot benefit from the Heavenly Sash item's step cancel property (which also applies to the Dragon's Eye being unable to grant her jump cancelling).
    • Also in the said 3rd entry, Zuo Ci was the only non-Orochi original character to be a Technique-type belonging to the Other character roster; this also applies to him being the sole Speed-type non-original Other character in prior installments.
  • Between the first installment-to-Z, the only characters that have unique EX-SP inputs from the rest of the Technique-types were Huang Zhong, Cao Ren, Cao Pi and Kojirō.
    • The amount of C1-EX-SP Technique characters was the highest, while the second highest amount were C3-EX-SP users.
  • As of Dynasty Warriors 7, the prior notations used for Enhanced Strikes/EX Charge Attacks are used for EX Attacks instead in most communities.
  • Non-Samurai Warriors rosters's dash animations (Except Gaia) were reused Kotarō's dash animation in 4.
    • Gaia is the only Non-Samurai Warriors to received her unique dash animation.


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