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The purpose of this page is to provide a detailed explanation of the different competitive modes featured in the Warriors Orochi series. Due to the differences between titles, the second game is limited to two players only whereas the third installment and its updated ports offer more multiplayer capabilities as well as various in-game rewards. It should be noted that all of these modes do not carry over character growth, skills, or equipment gained during the main portion of the games. However, every available character can use their full moveset right from the start except in certain modes that don't involve direct combat.

VS Mode

Arena used in Survival and VS Modes.

VS Mode is a new gameplay feature in Warriors Orochi 2 which solely focuses on competition by allowing players to test their skills together through four different mini-games. Each game has its own set of rules and conditions that more or less vary from one another. On another note, any character selected by the second player will automatically appear in their palette-swapped outfit to prevent visual confusion from both sides.

Tag Team & Elimination

Drawing inspiration from the first Dynasty Warriors title, Tag Team and Elimination pit both teams against one another in close combat. While these courses share the same gameplay mechanics, the two of them have slightly different goals and restrictions. The objective of Tag Team is to defeat any of the opposing team's characters by knocking them off the arena or reducing their life gauge completely. Since the fence walls in this mode are easily broken, caution is highly advised when standing near them.

Strafing enables players to move beyond the linear gap between them and their opponent in any direction. Also, characters in use can slowly regain Musou without switching back or equipping certain skills unlike in the main portion of the game. Another version of Tag Team is implemented in Survival Mode, a feature different from that of VS Mode. In the case of Elimination, both players must defeat the opposing team while keeping their own members alive. Note that character switches, support attacks, and even triple attacks have been disabled for this particular mode. Furthermore, the walls in Elimination cannot be knocked down no matter what.


The goal of Tower is to accumulate a higher score than the opponent by toppling as many enemies off the tower as possible. Unlike the previous Bridge Melee challenges in earlier Dynasty Warriors games, players will automatically warp back to the tower as many times as they fall down. Note that health depletion is not an issue for both sides in this course. More points can be earned by successfully knocking off the opposing player. Each round lasts for about a total of 3 minutes. The first player is assisted by blue-colored guards whereas the second player is given support from red-colored soldiers.


Players can pick up items generated from small platforms and use them to gain the upper hand by tapping L3. The effects of these items range from hindering the opposing player or empowering the user in some way.

Item Name Effects
Useless Blade Prevents the opposing player from attacking or using items for a short amount of time.
Lightning Charm Conjures a bolt of lightning to knock down the target.
Yellow Emperor Armor Surrounds the user in a protective aura that knocks enemies away by contact.
Torn Phoenix Wing Disables the opposing player's ability to jump for a short period of time.
Musou Scale Fully depletes the opposing player's Musou and adds it the user's own.
Soldier Statue Turns ally troops including the user into phantoms, rendering them invulnerable to damage for a short period of time.
Hard Mallet Grants the user's regular attacks with knockdown properties for a short duration.


Tower features a number of different obstacles that serve to hinder both players on each side. While only one type of obstacle is available per round, they are mostly selected at random to provide an element of unpredictability to the course. However, there are rare instances in which obstacles may not appear at all. Some of these can even help knock away minor enemies for more points. Here are the following obstacles used in this mode.

Obstacles Effects
Explosive Jars Large gunpowder-filled jars that momentarily explode upon being hit.
Clay Effigies Huge clay statues manipulated by sorcery. Knocks players away upon contact.
Fire Breathing Statues Golden lion statues that spit out fireballs at different directions.
Volcanic Geysers Fiery geysers situated near item platforms.
Tornadoes Large pillars of wind that constantly move at a steady pace.
Fire Tornadoes Fiery pillars of wind that remain stationary.

Steeple Chase

Steeple Chase is a racing mini-game that involves both players running through the same track on horseback. The winning condition of this course is to reach the finish line first before the opposing team does. Players cannot dismount from their horses nor can they attack each other directly. As horses pick up momentum, their running speed increases rapidly until they run into an obstacle or get hit by item attacks. Obstacles in the track include fences, trees, flaming geysers, and even generic riders. A few of them can easily be avoided by executing high jumps at the right moment.

In this course, the running styles of each fighting type differ greatly in several ways. Power-type characters have the highest overall speed but lack proficiency in accelerating and turning. Speed-type characters accelerate the fastest to compensate for their low maximum speed. Technique-type characters excel at making sharp turns but are mediocre in everything else. Players are recommended to select a particular type that works best for them since all three of their chosen characters are automatically used in each lap.


Like in Tower, players competing in Steeple Chase can pick up different items found on the race track and activate them by tapping L3. The player's current position during the race determines the type of item they can obtain.

Item Name Effects
Arrow Releases a barrage of arrows that stun the opposing player momentarily.
Homing Arrow Shoots a barrage of arrows that automatically seek out the opposing player.
Lightning Charm Stuns target with a bolt of lightning. Only available while in second place.
Yellow Emperor Armor Protects the user from item attacks for a short amount of time.
Ten Thousand Li Hoof Doubles player's speed. Only available while in second place.
Torn Phoenix Wing Prevents the opposing player from jumping for a short duration.
Iron Shackle Temporarily slows down the opposing player. Only available while in second place.
Soldier Statue Renders the user invisible for a short period of time.

Battle Royale Mode

A new gameplay feature in Musou Orochi 2: Special, Battle Royale Mode allows players to face off against computer-controlled teams or each other. The goal is to reach first place by scoring more points than the other teams. This is accomplished by eliminating a large quantity of enemy troops or members of any opposing team. Up to four players can participate in a single round. Included in this mode are tactical items and mini-objectives that serve to aid or hinder participants. The time limit of each battle can be set to three, five, or seven minutes depending on the host player's decision.

If a team member's life gauge is reduced to zero, he or she will be inactive for the remainder of the battle (until their entire team is completely eliminated) while the next member will be temporarily invincible for a few seconds. This applies to all other combatants as well. Players may earn gems at the end of each round while increasing the bonds of every participating character by a small margin. Note that the slight bond increase can be magnified by having each team use the same set of characters.


Orbs in Musou Orochi 2: Special. First row: Ruby and Light. Second row: Jasper and Jade.

Exclusive to Battle Royale Mode are different colored orbs that yield a variety of power-ups when picked up. These orbs are scattered throughout different parts of the battlefield and always reappear within certain intervals. To use them, players must hold the L button and press either left, down, or right depending on the item's button placement. Each team can only carry up to three simultaneously. Until these power-ups are used, players may still hold onto them even after being defeated multiple times.

Ruby Orb Power-Ups

These red-colored orbs enable players to attack the opposing team from a distance with fire or lightning spells. Useful in gaining more extra points or leaving foes vulnerable. Stronger versions of these spells can be acquired if any player is in last place.

Item Effects
Shoots a fireball towards the nearest opponent.
Rains down large fireballs unto every other opposing player.
Sends down a bolt of lightning on the nearest opponent.
Summons several bolts of lightning unto every other opposing player.

Light Orb Power-Ups

The purpose of these yellow-colored orbs is to wear down opposing players via traps or status ailments. Their effects range from hampering the victim's movements or neutralizing them completely for a short amount of time. Efficient use of these orbs is a must in order to gain the upper hand.

Item Effects
Conjures a dark-colored field that puts nearby opponents to sleep.
Generates a yellow-colored field that paralyzes any opponent nearby.
Sets up a decoy orb that paralyzes any opposing player who touches it.
Slows the nearest opponent down and prevents them from switching members.

Jade Orb Power-Ups

Unlike their different-hued counterparts, the green-colored orbs are purely used for self-preservation. The effects they offer can help players survive each round without sustaining too much damage. It may be prudent to reserve these power-ups when in a pinch.

Item Effects
Turns the user invisible momentarily until they attack.
Restores a large portion of the current character's health.
Causes the user to quickly regenerate health for a few seconds.
Envelops the user in a barrier that deflects attacks caused by orb usage.

Jasper Orb Power-Ups

These blue-colored orbs have the power to temporarily enhance the raw abilities of every player in battle. Some of their power-ups may be used to increase the potency of other colored orbs. Note that blue orbs have an additional effect of raising speed each time they are used.

Item Effects
Doubles the user's attack power for a few seconds.
Doubles the user's defense power for a few seconds.
Increases user's speed and enables them to rush down on opponents.
Renders the user invulnerable to damage for a short amount of time.


Stratagems are a tactical aspect of Battle Royale Mode that cause a myriad of special effects throughout the battlefield for a short duration. By clearing given missions firsthand, players have the benefit of triggering a random stratagem against every other opponent while rendering themselves immune to it. These missions often involve defeating a certain amount of peons, officers, or even characters from rival teams. The type of stratagems available may depend on the location being used for battle.

Stratagem Description
Berserk Enshrouds all enemy soldiers in a dark aura, making them stronger and more aggressive against every other opponent.
Boulders Causes large boulders to come crashing down at random spots.
Eruptions Summons multiple eruptions that burn affected foes.
Fire Attack Launches a fire attack that gradually reduces the health of every opposing team.
Freeze Encases the whole area in ice, causing the terrain to become slippery and difficult to walk on.
Geysers Conjures violent geysers that have a chance of freezing affected foes.
Hail Summons small hails that freeze opposing players upon contact.
Lightning Causes single bolts of lightning from the sky to come crashing down on random spots.
Phantom Renders all enemy soldiers transparent for every opposing player, causing their attacks to fail.
Poison Mist Conjures a purple toxic mist that gradually reduces the health of every opposing team.
Sleeping Gas Summons several vapors from the ground that momentarily put opponents to sleep.
Storm Summons several bolts of lightning from the sky to come raining down on every opponent on the battlefield.
Volley Sends forth a rain of arrows to come falling down in random spots, damaging unlucky foes in the process.
Whirlwind Fills the entire area with whirlwinds that randomly attack every other opponent.
White Smoke Obscures every opposing player's sight with white smoke, further hindering their ability to fight back.
Wind Pushes all enemies back with a strong gust of wind.


Battle Royale Mode offers a total of twelve battlefields derived from several stages in Story Mode. Each has its own unique layout, troops, and gimmicks.

Stage Description
Nanzhong Takes place within the coliseum. Soldiers of the Demon Army swarm the vicinity in droves. Ruby orbs often generate at the center of the arena.
Jiangdong This map consists of a tall building connected by slopes. The area is filled with female soldiers and handmaidens. Jasper orbs are commonly found at the center while light and ruby orbs are scattered on the outer area below.
Yangping Gate The stage is filled with several bridges and cliffs, making it an ideal battleground for more tactical players. Footmen and archers of the Wei Army patrol this area.
Honnōji Taking place on top of the temple rooftops, the area is surrounded by troops of the Oda Army. Falling off the stage will cause players to warp back up. After defeating a certain number of enemies, the door leading to a room full of orbs will automatically open.
Anegawa The stage takes place on a connected bridge surrounded by modern buildings. Ninja masters and fire ninja of the Fūma clan are minor enemies in this area. It is mostly filled with light and ruby orbs.
Kyūshū Consists of a rock maze shaped like a cross at the center of the map. Due to the numerous amount of light orbs present, players can easily set up traps within the narrow pathways of the maze. Troops of the Mystic Army dominate this stage.
Mt. Dingjun Takes place inside one of the castle courtyards in Mt. Dingjun. The stage is filled with officers of the Mystic Army as well as French soldiers.
Yiling This stage mainly consists of a large river bank littered with clusters of jasper orbs everywhere, making speed an essential part of the battle. Troops of the Shu Army serve as minor enemies for each team.
Hasedō Mostly takes place within the beach resort. The area is surrounded by ninja masters and female ninja of the Fūma clan. A variety of different colored orbs can be found on the beach or at the ledges of each building.
Into the Fire The area consists of twisting roads and cliffs partially covered in magma. It also has an abundance of ruby and jade orbs. Any participant walking on lava will gradually lose health. Soldiers of the Demon Army patrol this stage.
Luoyang Takes place on a courtyard filled with hedge mazes and fences. The stage is mostly swarmed with Yellow Turban troops.
Chengdu The map of this stage is an enclosed town surrounded by stone walls. Snake demon generals and sumo ninja occupy the vicinity.

Duel Mode

See also: Strategy Cards

Introduced in Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Duel Mode is a tag team match that features tactical elements in the form of strategy cards. Players may select any character of their choosing and challenge either the computer or themselves (locally or online). In the case of the former, the opposing team's difficulty level can be adjusted to suit the player's needs whenever possible.

Similar to the second game's Elimination course, the objective of this mode is to defeat one of the opponent's members in battle before time runs out. Each round lasts for a total of five minutes. The victor is awarded with rare crystals, growth points, cards, and even wallpapers. Duel Mode also includes a survival match in which players can test their mettle against an endless supply of teams controlled by the computer.


Players are given eight different stages to choose from. The last three areas on the list are mere replicas with extra gimmicks that may affect gameplay.

* only available in Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate.
Stage Description
Ōsaka Castle A stage with Ōsaka Castle as its backdrop. The arena is surrounded by fences from all sides.
Chengdu A stage comprised of elevated ground and drawbridges, with Luofengpo at the center.
Hasedō A stage consisting of a wide sandy beach and steps.
Koshi Castle An eerie stage surrounded by fences on all sides where the Hydra pokes its head out from behind the throne.
Wan Castle A stage with tombstones on all sides and dense bamboo thickets that cut down on visibility.
Chengdu: Abyss Similar to Chengdu, but players are apt to fall down from the arena if not careful.
Koshi Castle: Hydra Similar to Koshi Castle except that the Hydra occasionally spits fire over the area.
Wan Castle: Curse Similar to Wan Castle except that touching a gravestone will curse players, preventing them from using strategy cards.
D.W.A. Coliseum * A battle arena from the Dead or Alive series. The stage is similar to a wrestling ring, with a large plasma projection screen and a crowd of cheering onlookers.

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