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Sooga is a non-playable character later secret downloadable playable character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. He is an original character who draws inspiration from Lu Bu. Sooga is the second in command of the Yiga Clan and tends to shoulder the pressing organizational duties of his clan in Master Kohga's stead.

Role in Games

Sooga first appears during Zelda's efforts to recruit Urbosa as one of the four champions. The Yiga commander reveals himself when Master Kohga is defeated, rescuing his master before the heroes could finish him off. After overpowering both Link and Urbosa, Sooga flees with Master Kohga, much to Urbosa's annoyance. The attack cements her decision to become a Champion and protect her lands. Sooga attends by Kohga's side during their meeting with Astor to discuss how to achieve victory through Calamity Ganon. Sooga is distrustful of Astor, but follows Kohga's lead when his master expresses interest in Astor's plans.

During the attack on Hyrule outpost, Sooga leads an attack intent on killing Zelda. He manages to ambush the princess and tosses three kunai at Zelda. Both Terrako and Link move to block the attack, with Link succeeding. Suggesting that destiny is a work, Sooga issues a retreat.

Sooga reappears later leads the Yiga in an assault upon the Akkala Citadel, attempting to keep Link's company from activating Akkala Tower. Once again, however, he fails to stop them. With the tower restored, the Yiga hideout is exposed. Sooga attempts to defend their lair, but retreats before being defeated. He reappears in one last desperate gambit during the final showdown with Kohga.

Sooga's last appearance in the main story is when Astor turns on the Yiga Clan to use them to strengthen Calamity Ganon. When Astor summons a Hollow of Link to kill the two leaders, Sooga fights it to allow Kohga to escape. When his master instead chooses to stay with his "best lackey", the two fight alongside each other, Sooga presumably sacrificing himself to allow Kohga and the remnants of the Yiga Clan to escape with their lives. The Yiga Clan would then join the rest of Hyrule in avenging the death of their comrades.

In the Guardian Of Remembrance DLC for Age of Calamity, a cutscene shows Kohga and Sooga having somehow escaped Astor, the Blight Ganons, and the Hollow of Link Astor summoned to attack them, but know they are still being pursued. Believing he is just slowing Master Kohga down, Sooga pleads for him to leave him behind and save himself, but Kohga will have none of it. A flashback then reveals that Sooga, when he was younger and very hungry, stumbled into the Yiga Clan's camp. Two Yiga infantrymen hold him at blade-point, wondering if he might be a spy for the Hyrulean Army, but stand down when Kohga awakens from a nap and approaches Sooga. Fearing Kohga is going to attack him, Sooga braces for the strike, but when nothing happens, he finds that Kohga offered him a Mighty Banana to eat and regain his strength. Sitting down next to him, Kohga tells the young Sooga that he'll need to repay him for this display of kindness and generosity at some point in the future. Sooga presumably joined the Yiga after that, training to become one of the best Yiga Blademasters in the clan, making him Kohga's second-in-command. Back in the present, the two are soon surrounded as the Blight Ganons have caught up to them. However, Sooga is able to perform a ninja move that paralyzes the Blight Ganons, but it is only temporary. Using the time he bought them, Sooga pleads for Master Kohga to run for it and save himself, and after some internal conflict about leaving Sooga behind or not, Kohga finally, with great reluctance, abandons Sooga and flees, screaming and crying hysterically and mournfully as he leaves his second-in-command to fend for himself. Once Kohga is safely out of harm's way, Sooga stands up and draws his dual katanas as he prepares to make his final stand against the Blight Ganons, quietly asking Master Kohga if his sacrifice here and now repaid the debt he owed Kohga for his kindness and generosity all those years ago.

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  • "I am a disgrace..."




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