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Teba is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. A skilled Rito archer and marksman from 100 years into the future in Breath of the Wild, Teba is summoned back to the time of the Great Calamity to protect Rito Champion Revali from Windblight Ganon and keep Divine Beast Vah Medoh in Hyrulean control.

Role In Game

As the Great Calamity is unleashed upon Hyrule, Revali is struggling against Windblight Ganon onboard Vah Medoh as the Shard of Calamity Ganon seems to predict his every move so he can't fight back. After Revali is wounded in the wing, Windblight Ganon prepares to finish him off with a double-barreled barrage, but has its focus broken when Teba, summoned from 100 years in the future, throws off its aim with a trio of arrows fired from his own bow.

With Teba's assistance in drawing Windblight Ganon's attention, Revali, on Teba's signal, prepares to blast Windblight Ganon with a set of bomb arrows, but Windblight Ganon intercepts them at the last minute and sends them to the winds to explode harmlessly. Luckily, Teba and Revali had bought enough time for Link to arrive to assist them, but Windblight Ganon is able to escape their grasp for the moment upon being defeated in battle. Upon being joined by Urbosa, Riju, Impa, and Zelda, Teba listens in as Urbosa thanks Zelda for her aid, along with Riju as well, but when Revali approaches Link and scoffs at him, saying they would have been just fine without him, but is grateful he showed up when he did to help them, Teba is stunned at seeing Revali being so arrogant, well the opposite of what he knew from back in the future, though his thoughts on the matter are cut short by Urbosa's intervention as she asks Zelda what happened at Hyrule Castle.

Learning of the situation, Revali and Teba take Vah Medoh to assist in clearing the way to Akkala Citadel but have to deal with Windblight Ganon returning for a second helping, only to finally kill the Blight Ganon for good with Vah Medoh's weaponry. Once Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno are safe, Teba and Revali head to assist Urbosa and Riju on Vah Naboris, joined by the other two Divine Beasts, to clear Hyrule Field of Ganon's forces.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Revali briefly caught sight of a Rito child he is not familiar with before losing track of him in Korok Forest. Concerned, Revali lets Teba know about him, which had Teba fearing for the child's life and implores him to have him come along. Revali agrees to allow him to come along and search for the child. Teba begins asking questions about the kid and Revali replies that he has the same-colored feathers as him and notes that he doesn't recall seeing a child like him in the village. After some searching, the Rito child turns up and Teba immediately recognized him as his only son, Tulin. The boy explains that he was surprised that he ended up elsewhere and the "tiny creatures" had been looking after him for a bit. Teba isn't fond of the idea of leaving Tulin alone in the forest, with it being infested by dangerous monsters, but luckily the Rito captain volunteered to escort him for them. Tulin meets Revali, and believing that he was another Rito warrior, states that he is just as good as the Rito Champion himself, with a shocked Revali correcting him that he is Revali. Tulin keeps his composure, even when scared and continuously expresses amazement at seeing Revali in action, which the latter confirms that he is still worshipped even after a hundred years and the warriors in Teba's time still haven't broken his records. Upon reaching their intended destination, which was found to be a dead end, Revali is frustrated that they are stuck without the help of the Koroks before Tulin senses a breeze from a secret passage and false walls and guides the adults out. Teba thanks Revali for his help, and Revali politely tells him to stop with the over-the-top humility.

As they make it back to the entrance, Teba tells Tulin to thank Revali since he was the reason, he is still alive. Tulin obediently does so and stands in front of Revali and expresses his gratitude from him. Revali smiles a bit and tells Tulin that he is pretty good for a little kid. Pleased with this, Tulin excitedly announces his intentions of becoming just like him while jumping close to him, making Revali nervous and further states that he will wield the Great Eagle Bow. Revali sighs and states that he was nearly killed by the monsters and is surprised that he isn't negatively impacted by the experience and goes on to say to Teba that he has potential of becoming the master of the wind like him. Teba agrees and adds that Tulin must first surpass his own father. Tulin then imitates Revali's speaking patterns, making Teba laugh before controlling himself as a seemingly annoyed Revali asked if it was meant to sound like him. Teba is unable to explain himself and Revali soon breaks down into outright laughter with Teba and Tulin following along. As they calm down, Tulin attempts to use Tulin's Tornado, a similar version of Revali's Gale, but he soon falls down on his back with Teba being concerned and Revali chuckling as he reminds him that he still has a long way to go and calls him "kid" in an affectionate manner.

Shortly thereafter, Teba and Revali, along with the other Champions and their Divine Beasts, are summoned by Purah to join the united allied coalition of Hyrule's various races to take back Hyrule Castle from Calamity Ganon. With Zelda in command with her father, King Rhoam, giving her his blessing, they launch the siege to take back the castle. Reaching the main gates, Teba and the others are confronted by Astor and Harbinger Ganon. Though they manage to defeat both, along with the revived Blight Ganons, Astor refuses to accept defeat and orders Calamity Ganon to absorb the heroes. Instead, Astor is absorbed by the Harbinger Ganon, allowing Calamity Ganon to gain a perfected, physical form. After Link is forced to attack Terrako, the small Guardian that brought Teba from the future, after it is infected with Ganon's Malice, critically damaging it while purging it of the Malice, Teba mourns for Terrako with the others before Zelda, filled with fury and revenge, declares that Calamity Ganon will fall, here and now.

Fighting through to the castle citadel, Calamity Ganon proves to be invulnerable to any of their attacks, until Terrako, despite its condition, sacrifices itself to self-destruct on Calamity Ganon, breaking his defenses and rendering him vulnerable. After Teba and the others weaken Ganon further, Link cleaves him in half with the Master Sword, allowing Zelda to deliver the final blow with her sealing magic, putting Calamity Ganon back into his slumber for good, and ending his threat to Hyrule.

Later, on the castle balcony, as the heroes celebrate their victory, the ancient screw that Zelda recovered after Terrako's sacrifice begins to react, causing Teba, Riju, Yunobo, and Sidon to glow. With Hyrule safe, Ganon defeated, and their mission complete, it was time for the future Champions to return home to their own timeline. Though Teba still has some initial shock about seeing Revali's true self, he nevertheless appreciates the time he spent with the Rito Champion and wishes him well, before he and the other future Champions are returned to their own timeline.

In the secret DLC ending, Teba, Revali, and Tulin hang out at the Flight Range. Teba looks on as he watches Revali prevent the blanket from blowing off the sleeping Tulin laying on his lap, and chuckles happily. Later, Teba is seen interacting with the other Champions as Terrako joins in and entertains them.

Character Information

Teba is described as a strict, headstrong, and disciplined, who seldom changes his mind when he is set on his goals and deeply despises seeing his own people in danger. He is sometimes at tad cold and easily angered when someone holds him back from doing what he does as a warrior who is completely devoted to his village. Overtime, he eventually became more cordial with others and is noticeably calmer during battle, which is seen when he saved Revali from Windblight Ganon's fatal shot at his unprotected chest. He is noticeably displeased to see that Revali was actually rude and arrogant, but he is easily impressed by his skills. Teba has moments where he tends to panic and worry a bit too much, regarding his son Tulin, especially when Revali tells Teba about the Rito child he isn't familiar with and joins him to find him, and it was Revali who often grants him reassurance. After saving him, Teba is able to see Revali's good side thanks to Tulin being able to bring it out.


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Keys: Y Normal Attack ▲ X Charge Attack A Special Technique B Evade
X: Teba Fires explosive arrows into the air and the come crashing back down shortly afterwards. Constantly pressing X allows for more arrows to be fired and rain down.
Y, X: Teba summersaults through the air, bashing the space in front of him. If X is followed up afterwards, Teba hovers in the air and fires clusters of arrows down at the ground in front of him.
Y, Y, X: Teba flies into the air and fires arrows in a fanning pattern with his feet. Multiple presses of X to continue rounds of arrows. Teba ends the string with a fanning strike of explosive arrows.
Y, Y, Y, X: Teba flies into the air and fires a powerful arrow with knockback. Multiple X produce more powerful arrows.
Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Teba quickly launches into the air and dives into a spiral attack, using the wind and his wings to strike. Teba ends with a small whirlwind for one final hit. Multiple presses of the X will causes Teba to continue to fly circles, drawing in all who he hits with his attack.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X: Teba loops into the air, knocking back enemies and bombards powerful arrows where the curser aims. X multiple times continues the bombardment for a long period of time.
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y: Teba moves forward, combining wing swipes and arrow attacks, ending with a dive bombing kick into the ground, leaping back afterwards.
A: Teba flies high into the air, preparing to strike from above. He flies over and flies bomb arrows in a row, striking in explosive damage.
Weak Point Smash 1: Teba creates a small whirlwind around the target and circles them in the air, firing multiple explosive arrows.

Weak Point Smash 2: Teba rises up in the air and then powerfully stomps the opponent beneath his foot.

Weak Point Smash 3: Teba flies into the air and aims a bomb arrow carefully, striking his target critically.

ZR: Teba gathers up power, preparing to fire an arrow. Three tiers are available, with each tier firing more arrows at once.


Falcon Bow


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