Tabantha Frontier

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Revali, the Rito Warrior is a battle that happens when Princess Zelda visits the Rito tribe seeking a pilot for the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, believing Revali to be a good fit for the roll. However, the Rito tribe had recently experienced attacks from mysterious forces and assumed the approaching Hyruleans are a part of those forces, thanks in part to the little guardian with them. This mistake cannot be cleared up until Revali is subdued near Rito Village.

Role in Games

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity begins Revali, the Rito Warrior with Rito forces moving in to ambush Link and the little guardian as they scout ahead of Zelda's forces. When the Hylian forces push forward, one of the Rito captains destroys the bridge that leads to their village. With the eastern path cut off, Zelda and her forces must defeat several Rito captains to unlock the gates they are guiding that lead to the west.

Impa believes that if they can reach Rito village in the northwest, they’ll be able to parley with the Rito commander and end the battle before too many warriors are hurt. On the western side of the frontier, a smattering of ice calamity forces (Chuchus, Lizalfos, Moblins, Wizrrobes) block the way, trying to freeze the Hylian forces. Revali positions archers on the heights, led by more Rito captains, which must be defeated.

With the defeat of the archer captains, a third wave of Rito captains appear, blocking the way to finally reach Revali. The Rito Warrior himself stands as the last line of defense for the Rito Village, commenting to himself that the Hylian forces are not acting like the previous forces the diminutive guardian led against them last time. Once defeated, the mistaken identity is cleared up, as the guardian seen earlier by the Rito is one possessed by Calamity Ganon and not the one accompanying the Hyrulean forces.

Korok Seeds

Map of where every Korok Seed can be found

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has hidden Koroks to be found across the battlefield. They hide in different, simple, interactive points, paying homage to Breath of the Wild's own small challenges to collect the seeds. Tabantha Frontier has eight seeds to be found.

  • Inside the allied main base, towards the back. Look for a stump with a leaf emblem stamped on it.
  • Along the southeastern path, in a slight southern alcove. The Korok is found hiding in a flower.
  • Inside the empty fort in the southwest most part of the map. A glowing, sparkling spot marks where this Korok can be found.
  • At the central path with the updraft that leads to the eastern group of Rito archer captains, go past the updraft and look near the shoreline. This Korok appears after interacting with his pinwheel.
  • Once the updraft is used to reach the northern path, look south in the center of seven stone markers. Look for a stump with a leaf emblem stamped on it.
  • Following the northern path to the east, up on the elevated area right before the dropdown to open the updraft for the broken bridge, look to the north (left if heading east). This Korok appears after interacting with his pinwheel.
  • In the northeast corner, in a small alcove. A target balloon which requires stasis to hold it in place needs to be popped to find this Korok.
  • In the northeast corner, in the most northern point of the map, down a short dead end. The remote bombs are needed to destroy a pile of rocks, which the Korok hides under.


Age of Calamity draws its inspiration for this battle directly from Breath of the Wild. The southern paths of the Tabantha Frontier is where this battle takes place. The Hylurean forces begin on the main road south of Nero Hill, with Kolami Bridge being the bridge that the Rito forces destroy to block the heroes path. Nero Hill itself is the first height ascended to defeat the Rito captains barring the way. Strock Lake makes up the void in the middle, between the southern and northern paths. The valley area in the west lines up with Gisa Crater.

Running parallel to the crater, Cuho Mountain acts as the second range that must be scaled, this time to stop the Rito arrow barrages. The western valley runs all the way to just south of Dragon Bone Mire, which can be seen just outside of the map's range. This means Passer Hill is roughly where the northern ascension exists, with the nearby musical stone circle Warbler's Nest appearing right next to the updraft location in the northwest. The main road south of Lake Totori and Revali takes up his final point of defense at the first bridge that leads into Rito Village.

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