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Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief is a battle that begins with the Gerudo forces attacking Zelda and her escorts. As the Kingdom of Hyrule, and the princess herself, were on good terms with Urbosa, the sudden hostility caught them off guard. It is eventually discovered the Yiga clan are behind the confusion, having impersonated the Gerudo chief. Once revealed, the Gerudo join the Hyrulean forces and drive off the rogue shinobi force.

Role in Games

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity begins Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief with Gerudo soldiers hunting down Zelda, Link, Impa, and the small guardian. "Urbosa" orders her warriors to capture Princess Zelda on the pretense that she and her forces are there to take their land from them. The Gerudo set a trap for Zelda and crew, making it appear as if the southeast approach to Gerudo Town had less defenses, when in reality two Gerudo captains lie in ambush.

Once the ambush is defeated, the Hyrulean forces break into Gerudo Town from the southeast and confront "Urbosa". This pretender is struck by lightning right before the real Urbosa reveals herself. The phony chief turns out to be Master Kohga, who summons his minions and flees the scene. Three Yiga blademasters appear within Gerudo Town and need to be defeated to reclaim the city, with the Gerudo forces finally joining the Hyrulean army.

With the town retaken, Urbosa and Zelda turn their attention to the surrounding Yiga forces. Urbosa proposes stirring up a nearby Molduga into attacking the Yiga Clan footsoldiers. The Molduga will attack once enough remote bomb attacks happen north of Gerudo Town. Master Kohga retreats behind his three remaining camps, which the heroes overwhelm easily. Only Kohga himself remains for Zelda and company to win the battle and drive off the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga only escaping thanks to Sooga's interference.

Korok Seeds

Map of where every Korok Seed can be found

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has hidden Koroks to be found across the battlefield. They hide in different, simple, interactive points, paying homage to Breath of the Wild's own small challenges to collect the seeds. Gerudo Town has nine seeds to be found.

  • North of Gerudo Town, located at the southern end of the ruins in the middle of the map. The Korok is found hiding in a flower. Look for a stump with a leaf emblem stamped on it.
  • Against the southeastern wall, just above the small alcove in the southeastern most corner. The remote bombs are needed to destroy a pile of rocks, which the Korok hides under.
  • Along the southern wall of the town, at the southmost point, next to a chest. Break the box to find the hidden Korok.
  • On the second floor of the Gerudo Town palace, which can be accessed on the stairs inside the palace. A glowing, sparkling spot marks where this Korok can be found.
  • Inside Gerudo Town, on the northwestern side, where the rubbish site is located. This Korok appears after interacting with his pinwheel.
  • Inside the western gate of Gerudo Town, beside a crate. This Korok appears after interacting with his pinwheel.
  • Against the western wall, beside some ruins, right before the open area where the Moldrua lurks. A glowing, sparkling spot marks where this Korok can be found.  
  • In the trench beside the ruins, at the dead end of its southern point. A target balloon which requires stasis to hold it in place needs to be popped to find this Korok
  • In front of the northern gate Master Kohga hides behind, beside one of the cannons and cannonball stacks. This Korok appears after interacting with his pinwheel.


Age of Calamity draws its inspiration for this battle directly from Breath of the Wild. The battle opens at the oasis that houses the Kara Kara Bazaar, which serves as a halfway point towards Gerudo Town. When the Hyrulean forces approach from the southeast, the desert runs all the way to the edge of the Palu Wasteland. The southern barrier of the desert runs to the edge of the Sand Sea Rally. Gerudo Town itself is nearly identical to its appearance in Breath of the Wild, including access to the second floor of the palace.

The western side of the map runs up to the edge of the West Barrens and Western Gerudo Ruins, where the Molduga runs rampant. Following the northern cliffs back east, passing the Northern Icehouse, although the ruins south of the icehouse are inaccessible.  Further northeast the map passes through the Great Cliffs and ends at the Gerudo Desert Gateway.

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