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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (真・三國無双 英傑伝, Shin Sangoku Musou Eiketsuden) is a spin-off Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires game with Zhao Yun as the main protagonist. Similar to the Eiketsuden series, the player takes part in a Romance of the Three Kingdoms-heavy fantasy narrative and are expected to scout for their army. Its Japanese release commemorates the fifteenth anniversary of the series, and its release date matches the day of the first "Shin" title's debut.

Akihiro Suzuki is general producer and Atsushi Miyauchi is director and producer. Its production is Omega Force's desire to tell a compelling romantic story for the series under a new genre. A demo will be made available on July 7.

Buy the game new to receive a Diaochan costume for Lixia. The Treasure Box edition includes a fifteenth anniversary art book, an original soundtrack CD, eight long posters, and a downloadable serial for Lixia's yukata costume. Purchase the game from Gamecity Shopping to receive a character cleaner cloth. Other bonuses are being offered at various store outlets.


The overall game presentation combines elements from the Eiketsuden series and Fengshen Yanyi 2.

On the world map screen, players can shop for items and weapons, adjust character parameters, and leisurely visit marked locations. Each place represents story related content or Warriors-like free battles. Certain battles may have special conditions like a limited turn count.

Potential party members can be found and recruited through the bond mirror system; conversation events unique to this game are included. Characters can learn EX attacks to heighten their battle capabilities and skills to broaden their character parameters. They are also relegated into different unit types for further variety.

Battles are turn-based and units are placed on an isometric square grid. Each movement and action has an action point cost to limit their capabilities per turn. Characters with low action point costs can potentially chain two or more attacks in a single turn. Unit positioning and weapon range dictate the effectiveness of their attack. When two opposing units clash, the action may shift to a short Warriors-like animation.

Successful hits builds up the party's "Resonance Gauge". When the gauge is full, the player can use "Resonance" to strengthen the attack power of all ally units in range of its activation. The group's finishing blow will be a short quick time event; press the button in time to increase the effectiveness of the attack. Depending on when it is used, Resonance may swiftly defeat enemy groups.

If the player meets optional objectives during battle, "Gem Power" can be used. Lixia will use her gem to change the entire battlefield. Her gem's effects depends on the one she is using.

All costumes from the past installment can be unlock by finishing the story mode or have a save data from the past game.

Downlodable content so far includes costumes and weapons.


Since Zhao Yun is the game's focal character, Shu will be the center of attention.

The playable cast introduced into the series so far will be returning with the following exceptions: Cai Wenji, Wang Yi, Pang De, Ding Feng, Yueying, Xingcai, Liu Shan, Guan Suo, Bao Sanniang, Deng Ai, Zhuge Dan, Zhong Hui, Xiahou Ba, Guo Huai, Jia Chong, Wen Yang, Zhang Chunhua, Zhang Jiao, Meng Huo, Zhurong, and Zuo Ci.

The following characters are new to the series.


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
Godseeker Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
Ambition without Bounds Finish the story for a second time. Gold
Walking the Path View the Path of Destiny event scenes for each officer. Gold
Fully Loaded Complete the skill board for each officer. Gold
Cunning Strategist Activate Synchro Mode three times in a single turn. Silver
An Unstoppable Force Defeat 1,000 units using Zhao Yun. Silver
One Versus a Thousand Defeat 20 units single-handedly. Silver
Penny Pincher Collect 1,000,000 gold. Silver
Weapon Collector Collect all weapons. Silver
Item Collector Collect all items. Silver
Grizzled Veteran Maximize a unit's level. Silver
Tested under Fire Clear all free battles. Silver
On a Rampage Defeat 15 units in a single Synchro Mode session. Silver
Equal Opportunity Activate Synchro Mode with 5 different units. Silver
Lightning Round Win a battle in one turn. Silver
The Final Blow Increase Synchro Attack damage bonus to 100%. Silver
Dawn at Changshan Clear Chapter 1. Bronze
Luoyang in Flames Clear Chapter 2. Bronze
Regret in Xu Province Clear Chapter 3. Bronze
Xiapi in Enemy Hands Clear Chapter 4. Bronze
Earth, Water, and Xiapi Castle Clear Chapter 5. Bronze
The Young Tiger in Jiangdong Clear Chapter 6. Bronze
Virtue Rises in Xinye Clear Chapter 7. Bronze
Assembly at Chibi Clear Chapter 8. Bronze
A Fog over Chengdu Clear Chapter 9. Bronze
Out with the Old Clear Chapter 10. Bronze
Like a Raging Lion Activate Synchro Mode for the first time. Bronze
Quick on Your Feet Activate Synchro Mode 2 times in one turn. Bronze
Rapid Advancement Perform an EX attack for the first time. Bronze
The Best Offense Complete a turn with five officers using the Defend command. Bronze
Date with Destiny Watch a Path of Destiny event scene. Bronze
Natural Phenomenon Utilize the power of the Orb. Bronze
No Surrender Restart a battle after losing. Bronze
Unparalleled Might Defeat an enemy with Lu Bu. Bronze
Head on a Swivel Attack in all four directions at once. Bronze
No Way Out Be surrounded by enemy units. Bronze
Last Man Standing Clear a battle with only one surviving ally. Bronze
Total Mastery Clear all tutorial scenarios. Bronze
Peach Garden Oath Activate Synchro Mode with Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei. Bronze
Five Tiger Generals Activate Synchro Mode with Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong. Bronze
Wei's Five Generals Activate Synchro Mode with Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Zhang He, and Xu Huang. Bronze
The Sun Family Activate Synchro Mode with Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang. Bronze
The Three Kingdoms Activate Synchro Mode with Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei. Bronze
Dangerous Beauty Activate Synchro Mode with 5 female characters. Bronze

Related Media

Famitsu Koushiki Nama hosted a stream for this game May 12, 20:00 (JST). Miyauchi and Suzuki presented gameplay footage, gameplay details, and the release date. A special presentation was featured in Nico Nico Douga two days before the game's release; joining the event were Masaya Onosaka, Makoto Furukawa, and Minami Tsuda.


  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is the first non-Empires game to not have English Dub in the overseas version.
  • Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is the first Dynasty Warriors game to not feature Yasunori Masutani as the narrator, Instead of Keisuke Fuiji as the narrator in this game.


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