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Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends (真・三國無双6 猛将伝, Shin Sangoku Musou 6: Moushouden) is the updated expansion of Dynasty Warriors 7. This is the first Xtreme Legends expansion in the Dynasty Warriors series to introduce new characters. This feature was first seen within the Samurai Warriors series.

The Premium Box edition will have an original soundtrack CD and 65 clear character cards with their complementary binder. A limited edition downloadable serial code is included for an exclusive Dragon Spear, the "Curling Fissure Spear". Gamecity is offering an exclusive present by providing a character card and a downloadable serial code for a weapon in 100man-nin no Shin Sangoku Musou. An option to buy a Premium pack for the original game and the Xtreme Legends expansion is also available.


  • If save data and the original game disc are present, players gain access to Story Mode and Conquest Mode. Through this method, it's possible to play Story Mode with two players. Players can also build bonds with the three new characters and can find them throughout cities in Conquest Mode. A lone Xtreme Legends disc will not have these modes available.
  • Players will be able to continue from their Dynasty Warriors 7 save data with the same points and levels. Having the data present will automatically make the entire cast playable.
  • Monetary rewards and skill points increase based on the degree of difficulty the player has set for the stage. In other words, putting a level on Chaos will reward more than a stage on Beginner.
  • A new difficulty setting is available called Nightmare. This is the game's hardest difficulty setting.
    • Enemy banner soldiers will now give their officers random buffs: a 30 second attack or defense boost, a healing over time effect which restores 50 health per tick, or any combination of the previously mentioned buffs. They also gained the ability to fully drain the player's Musou Gauge.
    • All pots containing health will contain a single Meat Bun, and all pots containing Healing Ointment will contain Musou Wine instead.
  • Characters have changed their character growth by adding a new "General" ranking. As characters become stronger, they will learn specific and unique abilities for battle. Once they gain their last title, it's possible to decorate them with a set of accessories.
  • Like in Special, stat boosting items can be bought and collected with a single character. Other characters have the option of benefiting from these bonuses. These items can be bought from the Strategist within a city.
  • Characters can perform new actions in battle:
    • Whirlwind - Produces whirlwinds with each hit after a character's power is fully maximized. Only applies to power-based weapons.
    • Dash - Can perform aerial dashes and jump cancel charge attacks after a character's speed is fully maximized. Only applies to speed-based weapons.
    • Shadow Sprint - Cancel any charge attack into a dash by pressing Square.
    • Dive - When attacked by enemies, press X to dive backwards and avoid further damage.
  • Character affiliations with weapon types have changed in this version. These new affiliations will not be linked or changed to any downloadable weapons.
  • New weapons are in this game.
  • There are two new types of weapons, one for power and another for speed, respectively. When either one is maxed out by the player's character, they may activate the Whirlwind or Dash effect.
  • Higher rank weapons will have different numbers and bonuses than the original game, such as offering a stronger attack or increased slots.
  • Original downloadable content for the expansion is available. Downloadable content from the original title may be used in this version; it will not be available as default content for Xtreme Legends. Costumes for the Xtreme Legends characters can only be obtained in Xtreme Legends.
  • Trophies from the original game cannot be acquired in Xtreme Legends, even after using the Import option.
  • The new characters in Dynasty Warriors 7 and Xtreme Legends get new outfits in Xtreme Legends.


Two new modes have been added into the game.

Legend Mode

Retains its function but with additional content reminiscent of Conquest Mode.

Challenge Mode

Similar to previous titles. Four people can play within this mode and an online ranking system will be available.

  • Bridge Melee - Players are stationed on top of tall towers and are surrounded by enemies. The goal is to knock as many foes off the edge as possible.
  • Speed Run - Players compete to clear the obstacle course and reach the specified destination as soon as possible.
  • Rampage - Defeat mobs of soldiers within a given time limit.
  • Arena - Survival mode. Fight against the 65 playable characters until the player's health gauge empties.


Three new playable characters have been added to the previous cast.


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms Obtain all trophies. Platinum
Lord of the Three Kingdoms All characters awarded top title. Gold
Weapons Master Acquired all weapons available in Legend Mode. Gold
Battle-hardened Veteran Cleared stages over 1000 times. Silver
Best of the Best Attained first place in the rankings for all Challenge Mode courses. Silver
Imperial Protector Welcomed the Emperor to the castle in Legend Mode. Silver
Legendary Warrior Acquired all secret weapons at Nightmare difficulty level. Silver
Master of Chaos Acquired all secret weapons at Chaos difficulty level. Silver
Worshipped by All Heard all characters' devotion lines in Legend Mode. Silver
Always Thinking A strategist appears in Legend Mode. Bronze
Anarchist Acquired first secret weapon at Chaos difficulty level. Bronze
Arena Played Arena in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Army of One Defeated 1000 enemies in one Legend Mode battle. Bronze
Beloved Ruler Town atmosphere becomes friendly in Legend Mode. Bronze
Black Belt Executed a combo involving Normal, Strong, EX, Musou 1 Attacks, and a Weapon Switch. Bronze
Breaker of Bedlam Acquired half of all secret weapons at Chaos difficulty level. Bronze
Bridge Melee Played Bridge Melee in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Champion Attained first place in the rankings for Rampage in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Classicist Cleared all Classic stages in Legend Mode. Bronze
Connoisseur Viewed all events available in Legend Mode. Bronze
Decorated Officer Awarded first title. Bronze
First Past the Post Attained first place in the rankings for Speed Run in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Gladiator Attained first place in the rankings for Arena in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Hit with the Ladies Heard all female characters' devotion lines in Legend Mode. Bronze
Home Decorator Obtained wallpapers 1 and 2 for Pang De, Wang Yi, and Guo Jia. Bronze
Into Chaos Cleared a Legend Mode scenario at the Chaos difficulty level. Bronze
It's Raining Men Heard all male characters' devotion lines in Legend Mode. Bronze
King of Jin Sima Zhao awarded top title. Bronze
King of Shu Liu Bei and Liu Shan awarded top title. Bronze
King of the Hill Attained first place in the rankings for Bridge Melee in Challenge Mode. Bronze
King of Wei Cao Cao and Cao Pi awarded top title. Bronze
King of Wu Sun Jian, Sun Ce and Sun Quan awarded top title. Bronze
Legendary Hero Cleared all Legendary Hero stages in Legend Mode. Bronze
Martial Artist Achieved 5 consecutive growth item power-ups by executing combos. Bronze
Master Trader Obtained all trade goods in Legend Mode. Bronze
Millionaire Obtained a total of more than 1 million gold over the course of the game. Bronze
Outcast Hero All officers in Other category awarded top title. Bronze
Perfection Maxed out the growth parameters of a single character. Bronze
Rampage Played Rampage in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Rising Dragon Awarded high-ranking title for one character. Bronze
Savvy Politician The Counselor began work in Legend Mode. Bronze
Siege Weapon Master Defeated 1000 enemies using a siege weapon. Bronze
Sleepwalker Acquired first secret weapon at Nightmare difficulty level. Bronze
Speed Run Played Speed Run in Challenge Mode. Bronze
Survivor Acquired half of all secret weapons at Nightmare difficulty level. Bronze
The Nightmare Begins Cleared a Legend Mode scenario at the Nightmare difficulty level. Bronze
Trader A merchant begins trading in Legend Mode. Bronze
Unrivaled Warrior Defeated 3000 enemies in one Legend Mode battle. Bronze
Up for a Challenge Visit the castle town for the first time in Legend Mode. Bronze
War Hero Awarded top title for one character. Bronze

Differences between ports

The PC version of the title, Shin Sangoku Musou 6 with Moushouden, will automatically combine the features found in the original title and expansion into one product. Any downloadable content that has been available since October 2011 will be included except for the original school outfits and Lawson outfits. The 3D feature or online play are also omitted. For the December 2018 release on Steam the game was localised in english and all DLC was included within the release. Any other downloadable content beyond this date cannot be downloaded using the PC version.

Interested players can download the game's benchmark program.


Related Media

Consumers who preorder their copy at different Japanese media outlets will obtain a downloadable serial code for "summer" themed outfits and weapons for the three new characters. Preordering the game rewards buyers with Pang De's set. Geo offers Wang Yi's set. Guo Jia has one outfit but three different weapons spread across different outlets. Game Tsutaya and Wonder Goo offers the "Cutting Shadow" ball and cudgel with his outfit. Yoshimoto City offers a "Lightning" version. Various other stores, including Gamecity, offer the "Blazing Fire" version. Another Lawson campaign with Wang Yuanji offers a new outfit and weapon.

The complete guide and scenario book for this game will have exclusive serial codes for two different downloadable weapons. Visuals for the Xtreme Legends characters are available in the scenario book. The 2012 mini character postcard calendar uses Dynasty Warriors 7 visuals as well.

Gamecity is also publishing a book which compiles information and scenarios for this game and its parent title. It's called Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Maniax. Unlike other compilation books, this book will also include detailed data regarding the downloadable content for both games.

This game offers unique bonuses from two different mobile services. 100man-nin no Shin Sangoku Musou users can input a password to receive a Golden Panda guardian. It will have lightning tinged attacks and may power up players during co-op. Users of Koei's Warriors themed cellphone service, Mobile Musou, can obtain a silver hawk called "North Star". It freezes enemies as it attacks.

A tournament for this game was held at this year's Tokyo Game Show with Akihiro Suzuki and two comedians from the Yoshimoto Performance group present on the stage to watch. Participants competed against one another using the Storm feature within this game's Challenge Mode. During one of the preliminary rounds, a player who used Guan Yu won first place with 2014 KOs while a Zhang Liao user won second place with approximately 1500 KOs. The final round had the top placing winners from previous rounds compete to duel Lu Bu and trigger more soldiers to attack. First prize was the Premium Box version of this game while other contestants won complementary merchandise based on the game. Other tournaments were held throughout September in Japan. Various original merchandise was planned for winners of these events.

Another character image CD was made based on this installment and is called Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Ressei Shouten Koubu.


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