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Contains news concerning Koei Tecmo's activities in the year 2017.



  • Atsushi Watanabe's Game Office Exploration series has led to a visit to Koei's headquarters. During his trip, he has a spontaneous meeting with Kou Shibusawa.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z has begun a new update where players can acquire Sima Shi and Guo Huai's weapons. Butler and waitress costumes are also available for player avatars.
  • In celebration of the release of Haruka 3 Ultimate, Ruby Party has uploaded the two animated OVAs and the comic short based on this entry for free. They're available for public viewing until March 31. Kurenai no Tsuki is the first part; Owarinaki Unmei is the second part.
    • Kazuhiko Inoue (Kagetoki) and Naozumi Takahashi (Hinoe) will also celebrate the game's release with a live stream February 22.
  • Celebrate the upcoming Sangokushi 13 with Power Up Kit with a Valentine's Day livestream. The event will be emceed by Saki Suzuki while guests include historian idol Eri Kohinata.
  • Steam is hosting a Koei-Tecmo publisher sale until February 13.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online is holding its annual Valentine's Day event from February 1 to 15. Players can give chocolate sugar to their favorite officer for the chance to receive rare items.
    • Starting on February 15, the game will be celebrating Japan's Cat Day (February 22) with a special event.
  • Uncharted Waters Online has begun its Age of Reason campaign in Japan.
    • A special campaign for Valentine's Day will be held from February 7 to 21.
    • The collaboration with the comic Kaioh no Dante continues into its second phase this month. This event is a request from the English navy to capture Dante.
  • As part of their plan to promote the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, Koei is seeking two individuals to serve as PR ambassadors for the IP. Those chosen will be given the privilege of traveling to historic sites like Chibi from March 11 to 15 under the supervision of Professor Yoshihiro Watanabe, the executive director of Waseda University's Sangokushi Association. Entries are limited to Japanese residents and have already ended on February 6.
  • A party featuring the cast of the third Kiniro no Corda Blue♪Sky play will be taking place on February 5, 2017. Guests may choose to come for the matinee (lunch) or soiree (dinner).
  • A stage production of the Dynasty Warriors series is showing February 11~19, 2017. The venue will take place at the Zenrosai Hall in Shibuya.
  • Koei has trademarked the following titles: Nyangokushi and Wangokushi.
  • Marui One is hosting a Neoromance merchandise fair February 15~28.



  • Winning Post 8 2017's simulation of this year's Oka Sho has been posted on Twitter shortly after the race.
  • Shintaro Kobayashi, senior director of Koei-Tecmo, has announced his retirement for June this year. Other senior managers have announced their retirement at the same time. Changes for the subsidiaries will occur on April 1.
    • Another announcement made on March 13 was the establishment of midas.
  • Projections for company performance has declined 7.3% due to non-profit operations and loss exceeding earlier expectations. The reasons were cited due to project delays and a decrease in sales for products in early March 2017.
  • The PS Vita port of Sangokushi 13 with Power Up Kit will hit Japan and Taiwan's stores on May 25. This port will include touchscreen features for gameplay, a camera function for original characters, and cross-saving with the PS3 and PS4 ports.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online Yuushi no Shou is hosting a Toukiden collaboration event until April 12.
  • Daikoku Jidai Online Age of Revolution's April event schedule has been posted online. The first live event will be the annual Easter egg hunt which will start on April 4.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z is holding a Musou ☆ Stars collaboration event until April 20. Players will be able to obtain furniture based on the original characters from the game.
  • Koei-Tecmo has filed a trademark for Seiken Musou. Currently, it's unknown if this is a new original Warriors IP or a potential collaboration title with Square Enix's Seiken Densetsu series or Warner Brother's King Arthur.
  • Pachinko maker EXCITE has announced their pachislot Nobunaga no Yabou Souzou -Z- for their 2017 lineup. It will be in pachinko parlors by April 2017.


  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z has begun a new update where players can acquire Dian Wei's weapon from Dynasty Warriors 7.
  • Hideki Sakamoto, Toukiden's series composer, will be performing live at Tokyo Gametakt 2017 on May 6. He'll be performing Tokiwo no Orochi's battle music from Toukiden 2.
  • 100-man nin no Winning Post is having a series of collaboration campaigns with horse-racing magazine Shuukan Gallop. The first campaign will have the social game host a Gallop race while the magazine will begin to a series of articles related to the game, asking players to name their strongest jockey and race horse combination.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Taishi, the latest and fifteenth main installment for the Nobunaga's Ambition's series, has been announced for the PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch with a tentative winter release date. The game will be localized with Chinese subtitles in Taiwan for the PC and PS4. Kou Shibusawa is general producer, Kouichi Oyama is producer, and Kouji Kimata is director. This title will have a "will" mechanic that joins generals and improves their performance in battle. Other promises include a better AI, even more historical figures, and pauses for the battle command menus.
    • 4Gamer interviewed Oyama and Kimata regarding their experience with the Nobunaga's Ambition series and their thoughts regarding the development of this title.
    • Developers invite fans to celebrate the time era and their series's firsts with a Nico Nico livestream on May 1, 21:00 (JST). They did the same with Game no Shukudai's Nico Nico livestream for Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power on May 2.
  • The PS Vita port of Sangokushi 13 with Power Up Kit will hit Japan and Taiwan's stores on May 25. This port will include touchscreen features for gameplay, a camera function for original characters, and cross-saving with the PS3 and PS4 ports.
  • Koei is holding its second Game Music Creators Contest. Judges include pro music creators and selections will be done by the Koei's sound producers. Excellent entries will lead to a professional contact with the applicant and possible job opportunities with the company. The deadline for entries is May 31 (JST).
  • The sixth PlayStation Live Nioh livestream will feature the upcoming "Dragon of Tohoku" DLC bundle and the PvP duel update which are both scheduled to be available on May 2. Streaming will start May 1, 22:00 (JST).
  • My GAMECITY users can participate in Nyabraham's Golden Week campaigns for limited time deals and chances to win free GC Coins. Purchase a game title from Gamecity Shopping that is listed in its Golden Week sale to receive a Nyabraham pin.
  • G Cluster is holding a Golden Week sale for the cloud versions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 and Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence.
  • Daikokai Jidai Online Age of Revolution's Golden Week campaign gifts players with various presents and offers two options within the Delfin Shop.
  • The hotels within walking distance of Pacifico Yokohama are offering their Neoromance travel plans for my GAMECITY members. Reservations will be accepted until May 8.


  • In an effort to promote the upcoming movie Shinobi no Kuni, the following Koei titles will be holding collaboration events containing new content based on the titular film.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou Online Yuushi no Shou is featuring a campaign where players are tasked with helping the Iga fend off the Oda army.
    • 100man-nin no Nobunaga no Yabou includes items from the movie as login bonuses.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou 201X enables players to acquire the protagonist Mumon and his wife Okuni as party members for a limited time. Mumon's twin blades can also be obtained during the event.
    • Samurai Cats includes a card of Mumon in cat form (Mumon-nyan).
    • Nobunaga no Yabou ~Oretachi no Sengoku~ is holding a special battle event centered on Mumon. It includes rare login bonuses for participants.
    • Moba-nobu gives players the opportunity to draw Mumon, Okuni, and Daizen Heki as gacha rewards.
    • Toukiden Mononofu is including a time limited event where players can help Mumon slay demons.
    • Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ users have a chance to acquire recipes and furniture inspired by the film.
  • Kou Shibusawa made an appearance on the TBS radio program Ijūin Hikaru to Rajioto.
  • As part of the Kou Shibusawa 35th anniversary, the Winning Post developers are holding a dream race to decide which horse will be made the strongest in Winning Post 8 2017. Those who bet on the winning horse will receive bonus prizes.
  • To commemorate Father's Day, the developers of Nobunaga no Yabou Taishi held a poll where fans could decide which officer was their most ideal father. The survey lasted from June 16 to 18.
  • Koei will be releasing Winning Post 2017 and Champion Jockey Special simultaneously for the Nintendo Switch on September 4. Players can transfer data between the two games and unlock bonus content.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z has released a new update allowing players to obtain Zuo Ci's weapon from Dynasty Warriors 8.
  • This year's Koei Tecmo Games Net Café Matsuri rewards players for logging-in at net cafés for four IPs: Nobunaga no Yabou Online Yuushi no Shou, Daikoku Jidai Online Age of Revolution, Daikoukai Jidai V, and Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z. Bonuses will be offered until June 7.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online Yuushi no Shou is having a collaboration event with Nobunaga no Yabou 201X during June 7 to 21. Players can obtain items and accessories based on the browser title.
  • Daikokai Jidai Online Age of Revolution is holding from May 16 to June 6 a collaboration event with Daikoukai Jidai V.
  • Haruka Bidanshi Matsuri Concert, an orchestral concert that highlights music and character image songs from Haruka 3 Ultimate and Haruka 6, will be held at the Ichikawa City Cultural Hall June 3.
  • Koei has unveiled its new VR Sense prototype for the annual Japan Amusement Expo. This virtual machine can simulate movement, wind, temperature, and aroma to give participants a unique arcade experience. Three games will be used to demonstrate its features: Horror Sense, GI Jockey Sense, and Ultra Dynasty Warriors.
    • Starting on late June, Dead or Alive Extreme Sense and Super Sengoku Coaster have been added to the game roster.



  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z has released a new update where players can obtain Zhurong's boomerang from Dynasty Warriors 8.
  • A poll is being held for fans to decide which version of Hanbei they would like to see in Nobunaga no Yabou Taishi. The choices include the subject as a commander, a strategist, or a noble warrior. Participants have time to decide until August 21.
    • Another survey at the game's official site has fans decide their favorite officer.
  • Starting on August 8, NTT DoCoMo is releasing various Koei-made mobile titles through its Sugotoku service.
  • The Kiniro no Corda manga is now available for viewing through the online app Manga Park.
  • The latest update of Nobunaga no Yabou Online now features animal companions for players to deploy in battle. Each one provides unique buffs and advantages.
  • The latest expansion for Daikoku Jidai Online has been announced. Given the title Order of the Prince, it will replace the previous expansion on August 29.
    • A collaboration campaign with the Atelier series will be held from July 18 to August 8. During that period, players can win Totori and Logy's outfits by clearing the related event quest.
    • The newest patch for Age of Revolution has streamlined custom shipbuilding into one convenient option while tweaking minor ship parameters. Three new ship types are also included.
  • Koei will be holding a booth at Comiket 92 from August 11 to 13. Available products will mostly be based on Gust titles like the Atelier series, Augmented Reality Girls Trinary, and much more.
  • Comic Ran will be publishing the final chapter of Nobunaga no Yabou~n, a parody manga authored by Nobuyuki Hori, on late August.
  • A dinner party featuring the Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 6 Gentou Rondo stage actors will be held at the 27th floor of the Yokohama Sky Building on September 16. Tickets to attend the daytime party or the evening banquet will be sold on August 3, though My GAMECITY users can reserve a spot via lottery which lasts from July 6 to 18.
  • Koei is collaborating with the live-action film Sekigahara that is directed by Masato Harada. Kou Shibusawa supervised 3D maps that appear in Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence, Sanadamaru, and Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada will be used in the film. Tsuyoshi Nagano, frequent Nobunaga's Ambition illustrator, has also illustrated one of the film's promotional posters. The film is scheduled to start screening on August 26. This month saw the release of several collaboration events for players.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou Online Yuushi no Shou features new items and collectibles inspired by the movie.
    • 100man-nin no Nobunaga no Yabou allows players to obtain unique login items and officers.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou 201X has the movie appear as a collaboration sponsor. Joining the special event will earn players rare items including Hatsume no Tsubone as a party member.
    • Samurai Cats includes Hatsume-nyan as a rare prize for players to collect.
    • Nobunaga no Yabou ~Oretachi no Sengoku~ is holding a special battle event where players can acquire the movie's version of Mitsunari.
    • Moba-nobu is holding a special campaign based on the movie's events.
    • My GAMECITY is promoting the original novel that inspired the movie. Buyers will be able to purchase the novel in digital format.




  • Nioh was one of the recipients of the Users' Choice and Gold Prize awards at this year's PlayStation Awards.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online will be starting its annual Fall event on November 15. Players will be tasked with finding food-related items for the event's time-limited mission.
  • Koei's civil lawsuit against Beijing Sanding has ended in their favor by the court. For enabling 3DM to pirate five of the company's IPs, Beijing Sanding must pay Koei 1.62 million yuan as compensation and prevent said titles from being distributed on their service system.
  • Daikoku Jidai Online ~Order of the Prince~ is featuring a special campaign involving the sudden appearance of Atlantis; the event ends on November 21. A bonus quest for shipbuilders will be included as well.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z will be receiving a graphical update on November 16 with characters being changed to match their Dynasty Warriors 8 appearance.
  • To celebrate Omega Force's 20th anniversary, the development team will be releasing a metallic paperweight embossed with the logo of the Dynasty Warriors series. The offer lasts until November 13.
  • Symphonic Gamers 2, an orchestral performance by the Japan Game Music Orchestra, will be playing select tracks from Nobunaga's Ambition. The performance was shown on November 12 by NHK.
  • Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ is currently collaborating with Sanrio to promote their DREAM FESTIVAL in Sanrio Puroland event. Visitors can watch scheduled performances and purchase various merchandise featuring the idols of 3 Majesty and X.I.P. together with Sanrio mascots like Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, and Cinnamoroll.
  • As part of the Kou Shibusawa 35th anniversary, a memorial book featuring Koei's past simulation titles will be released on November 8 by Loppi HMV.
  • Two Harukanaru Toki no Naka de events for this year's Neoromance ♥ Festa have been announced: Haruka Oni Matsuri and Haruka Hachiyou Matsuri.


  • Koei's Sparkling Silver and Sparkling Blue models of their VR Sense shall be available in Japan on December 21, 2017. Sparkling Silver includes Dynasty Warriors, GI Jockey, and Dead or Alive VR experiences. Sparkling Blue includes VR replications of a Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆ concert, an original horror story, and a Warring States themed walking tour.
  • Koei's social games are undergoing their annual Christmas campaigns. Special bonuses will be awarded if players link their accounts.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online Yuushi no Shou has launched its Arrival of the Barbarian season update on December 13. A livestream to celebrate the season was held on December 11.
  • Daikoukai Jidai Online Order of the Prince shall have its annual Christmas event December 19~26. This year's event has the players help with solve a conflict taking place with the world's many Santas.
    • Horizon, the Chapter 2 January update, continues the expansion's main narrative with a new town and ship model.
  • Shin Sangoku Musou Online Z is extending their late November events as December updates, which were delayed due to server trouble. This includes an extension of their collaboration campaign with the Japanese dub of the Chinese live drama, God of War, Zhao Yun.
    • The second God of War, Zhao Yun campaign can reward players who complete a set of missions with Heaven Sword, one of Cao Cao's fictional swords from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and a Byakko statue. Within the drama, Heaven Sword is one of two swords that Zhao Yun wields throughout the narrative.
  • Capcom scored a partial victory on their patent lawsuit that was first issued back on July 4, 2014. The claims of infringement was divided into two parts, one case was concerning the transfer of characters from an expansion disc by citing the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series as their key examples (case A); the other was concerning controller vibration during key scenes in the Fatal Frame series (case B). Judge Takei Takamatsu noted similarities in both cases, but dismissed the claims made by Capcom in case A. Koei-Tecmo was ordered to compensate an approximate 5.17 million yen to Capcom regarding case B. Koei-Tecmo's official press statement about the lawsuit has them accept the results as a relative victory. They state that they will resolve any unfairness that may arise towards any future IPs.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou -Enbu-, a theatrical musical adaptation of Nobunaga's Ambition, will be performed in Theater 1010 at Adachi, Tokyo from December 20 to 24.
  • Sangokushi 2017, a mobile remake of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI developed by TCI Shanghai for the Chinese market, will be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau under the new title Shin Sangokushi Tebataban. Japanese voice options will be included for the game at a later date.