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Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada (戦国無双 ~真田丸~, Sengoku Musou ~Sanadamaru~) is a spin-off title of Samurai Warriors 4: Empires, centering on the exploits of the Sanada clan. Its Japanese release coincided with the similarly-named 2016 NHK Taiga drama Sanadamaru; this game even reuses the same Kou Shibusawa supervised 3D maps that are used in the drama, Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence, and the live-action film Sekigahara.

Hisashi Koinuma is the general producer, Osamu Mieda is producer, and Jun Kawahara is the director. They remark that Koei has shared a friendly relationship with NHK ever since their Gunshi Kanbei collaboration. While the developers were working for the drama Sanadamaru, the wish to produce a Sanada-themed work involving Samurai Warriors began. The Japanese subtitle was permitted with NHK's full consent. Omega Force's goal for this particular game is to further emphasize the drama between the cast. The general concept is "forty-nine years of Yukimura", with the added aims of highlighting the historical feats of his father Masayuki.

Buy the game new to receive a Sanadamaru Nobushige costume for Samurai Warriors Yukimura. The Treasure Box edition includes an artbook, Six-Coined themed coasters, and an original soundtrack CD. Reserve the game at Gamecity Shopping to receive a red Sanada colored costume for Kunoichi. Other bonuses were offered at various Japanese stores.


The Sanada camp acts as the player's headquarters for the main story, with free-roaming features similar to those introduced in Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid 2. The player may talk to various characters to gain varying perspectives of the current time setting. As the player progresses with the main narrative, the base will be further expanded into Ueda Castle, and later into Osaka Castle's castle-town.

The castle-towns come with various facilities that will be unlocked based on the player's progress with the main narrative.

  1. Gate - Exit for battles or exploration missions.
  2. Raifuku Temple - Ueda Castle feature. Talk to the temple's administrator, who is a conch shell collector. Players can exchange conches to unlock additional playable characters to use in battles outside of the main story mode, or to receive Sanada EXP.
  3. Field - A farming field that can be used to harvest plants and to play the "hoe digging" mini-game. Mash on X to make the character dig; the higher the gauge is filled, the better the harvest and rewards. Keep playing the mini-game to raise the rank of the field and to obtain better materials.
  4. Jizou - Visit the stone statue and play a card drawing mini-game. Pick one of three facedown talismans to obtain materials.
  5. Teahouse - Summon other characters for conversations over a cup of tea, as well as to give them gifts. Here, the player can raise their Friendship Levels with other characters. Each character has their own gift preference, and two favorite gifts that will always boost their affinity ratings. Maximized Friendship Levels allows players to bring them along for Exploration missions.
  6. Unusual Shop - Osaka Castle feature. Randomized merchandise and rare items.
  7. Blacksmith - Buy or customize weapons using materials found during exploration trips. Maximum level for weapon skills is 99. Advance the story to gain additional skills.
  8. Store - Sells materials, bait, and other miscellaneous goods. The only place to purchase "Secret Medicines", which can alter the allied army during battles, and are similar to the Strategies from previous titles.
  9. Dojo - Spend EXP points to level up characters, or pay gold to level up a character's moveset, such as adding more Charge Attacks, more Musou bars, or expanding the Spirit Gauge. Can also spend gold to upgrade Exploration time limits.
  10. Warehouse - In-game gallery and encyclopedia feature. Provides in-depth details of characters, events locations, battles, and so forth. The Vault contains background music tracks and even cutscenes for viewing. The Library allows players to revisit any previously played battle using any of the unlocked playable characters. Once the player has unlocked the stable for their castle-town, warhorses can be purchased from here.
  11. River - Ueda Castle feature. Fish for specific fish that can be given as gifts. Each fish has their preferred bait and each region has their own specific fish. Press X to fish and wait for a bite. Once the fish is caught, press X on the meter before the line breaks and fish gets away (red zone). Quicker reactions may yield better fish.
  12. Stable - Buy horses or any other mounts available to use for the character.

Exiting the base area will lead to the world map screen. Triangle reveals the battles and exploration maps. Battles that directly affect the main story are marked with signpost icons. Circle returns the player character to their base.

"Sanada Six Coins" is a new feature which affects allied morale for battles. The more the gauge is filled, the higher morale will be at the start of battle. These coins can be filled by performing optional "Tasks" in the base area, fulfilling special conditions during battle (which can be checked by pressing Select in the battle preparation screen/pause menu), or achieving a high evaluation grade after battles. Tasks within the base can often be triggered by talking to characters with the Six Coin icons hovering by their character names; their tasks may include locating items within the campgrounds or spreading information.

During battle, the player can trigger Stratagems (called "Next Move" in Asian ports) if they have the coins completely filled. In exchange for consuming the Six Coins, the player can send in allied reinforcements to drastically change the flow of battle. It can be used to save a losing battle or to completely dominate opponents.

"Multi-Stage Battles" act like story chapters: they are Sanada-centric campaigns that progress the main story. Each multi-stage battle will be split into smaller conflicts that took place during each major campaign. These battles will have a contextual character selection, and may be restricted to soloing or partnering with a character to complete them.

Battles that don't focus on the Sanada clan's perspectives are called "Sub-Battles". These battles allow players to focus on conflicts that are happening at the same time as the long-term battles.

Outside of the major battles and the castle town, the player may choose to "Explore". This feature allows the player to freely wander battlefields to hunt for materials scattered across Japan. Certain materials are exclusive to specific regions; these materials are needed for altering weapons. Boost Friendship Levels to max to bring along different partners. If the player's home base is not Ueda Castle, the fishing mini-game can be accessed near rivers found during Exploration. Gracia and Chacha will have special tasks through this feature.

Other traits for this game include:

  • A day and night cycle is implemented in battles, to alter aesthetics and to limit the time available for a stage. Certain missions may be reliant on the time of day.
  • Weapons are given grades that affect their base attack value. Grade ratings are from E (lowest) to A (highest) and can be boosted by repeatedly using a particular weapon.
  • Similar to Neoromance titles, character dialogue now includes an optional glossary feature. Press Triangle to read an encyclopedic entry regarding the specific highlighted text.
  • Generic officers retain their customized appearances from Samurai Warriors 4: Empires.
  • The Nintendo Switch port has save data benefits with select Warriors Switch titles.


Story Mode

Starts with Masayuki's first battle (fourth Kawanakajima campaign) and ends with Yukimura's final battle during the Osaka Summer Campaign. Since the story aims to be more faithful to history, the early chapters of the main story stars Masayuki, since his children were too young to fight. The Sanada clan, Chacha, Hidetada, and Ieyasu will visually age throughout the narrative. Yukimura in particular gets a few new moves at his 'matured' appearance.


Experience the events after the Winter Siege of Osaka with Nobuyuki.


Downloadable content includes Sanadamaru collaborations, weapons, and costumes.

Data Sharing

Share and download data through PSN.


The entire cast returns with the following new additions:


Icon Name Unlock Method Type
Spirit of Sanada Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
Scavenger Acquire 26 different battle accessories in battle or while exploring. Gold
Saved Soul Give Sakyō Raifukuji all conch shells. Gold
Hoarder Obtain more than 100 materials. Silver
Professor Read all entries in the Sanada Clan Chronicles. Silver
Freed Soul Give Sakyō Raifukuji a moderate amount of conch shells. Silver
The Sanada's Millions Talk to the guard of the land's most famous vault. Silver
The Warrior Left Behind Use Nobuyuki's aged self in the castle town. Silver
Indefatigable Warrior Accumulate a total of 100,000 kills. Silver
Beast Master Ride a panda. Silver
Unrivaled Warrior Raise any character to level 99. Silver
Master Strategist Achieve an "S" battle rank 10 times. Silver
Big Spender Spend more than 100,000 gold. Silver
Battle of Nagashino Clear the "Protection of Katsuyori" stage. Bronze
Collector Obtain more than 10 materials. Bronze
Historian Read 50 entries in the Sanada Clan Chronicles. Bronze
Student Read the Sanada Clan Chronicles. Bronze
First Date Invite a character to the teahouse. Bronze
Carefree Youth Use Yukimura's adolescent self in the castle town. Bronze
The Sanada Fortune (1) Talk to the guard of the run-down vault. Bronze
The Sanada Fortune (2) Talk to the guard of the expanding vault. Bronze
The Sanada Fortune (3) Talk to the guard of the flourishing vault. Bronze
The Sanada Fortune (4) Talk to the guard of the crowded vault. Bronze
Eternal Enemies Clear the "Battle of Mikatagahara" stage. Bronze
Parting of Ways View the "Parting of Ways" event. Bronze
Sharp Eyes Acquire a battle accessory in battle or while exploring. Bronze
Weapon Master Attain a weapon grade of "A". Bronze
Young Men of the Takeda View the "Young Men of the Takeda" event. Bronze
Relentless Warrior Accumulate a total of 10,000 kills. Bronze
Masayuki's Fall View the "Masayuki's Fall" event. Bronze
The Finest Soldier in the Land View the "The Finest Soldier in the Land" event. Bronze
Adventurer Complete 100% of goals for all exploration maps. Bronze
Day Tripper Complete 100% of goals for one exploration map. Bronze
Anger Management Increase Yukimura Sanada's Rage intensity to Level 5 in battle. Bronze
Mighty Warrior Raise Yukimura to level 50. Bronze
Innocent Child Use Yukimura's child self in the castle town. Bronze
Exploring Azuchi Visit the castle town of Azuchi. Bronze
Man of the World Use Yukimura's aged self in the castle town. Bronze
Cannon Fire View the "Cannon Fire" event. Bronze
Visiting the Metropolis Visit the castle town of Ōsaka Castle. Bronze
Summoned Soul Give Sakyō Raifukuji a conch shell. Bronze
Joy of the Harvest Obtain a material from the farm. Bronze
A Friend's Death View the "A Friend's Death" event. Bronze
Six Coins Pledge View the "Six Coins Pledge" event. Bronze
Circle of Friends Maximize 10 characters' relationship values. Bronze
Lives to Protect View the "Lives to Protect" event. Bronze
Catch of the Day Go fishing. Bronze
One Man Army Get 1,000 kills in one battle. Bronze
Prayers Answered Obtain materials from the Jizō statue. Bronze
Dear Friend Maximize a character's relationship values. Bronze
Strategist Achieve an "S" battle rank. Bronze

Related Media

The game was brought on stage for the first three days of Tokyo Game Show 2016. A press completion conference took place November 18, 2016. Another livestream to tease the game before its release took place November 21, 2016.

From September 27 to 28, 2016, Yomiuri Giants fans could purchase acrylic key holders of Yukimura and Mitsunari donning the team's colors.

A voice actor event called Sengoku Musou Seiyuu Ougi 2016 ~Sanada Natsu no Jin~ took place on July 30, 2016. The deluxe edition of the DVD recording includes the event exclusive CDs and a Sanada themed umbrella.

The game was featured at Sanada Jyuyushi Garden Place on November 20, 2016 with Hisashi Koinuma as the event's main guest. The event included live paintings of Yukimura that were done by OKAZU. The series's ongoing collaboration with the historical exhibits Sengoku Jidai Ten -A Century of Dreams- allowed attendees to receive a clear file of the prominent Sanada male figures within this game.

The complete guidebook was published on December 10. Merchandise for the game was offered at Koei's 91st Comiket booth.

In celebration of the Taiwanese release, Koei Tecmo Taiwan teamed up with Lion Travel for a special giveaway of Chinese dubbed copies of the game and two designated travel plans dedicated to the Sanada clan. Consumers who spread the news about the game or the tours during the campaign could receive 700 yuan discount coupons. The WiFi booths for the campaign are specially decorated. This same giveaway campaign is tied to Readmoo's appreciation of medieval Japanese culture book fair; contestants can potentially win 50 yuan discount coupons for e-book purchases at Readmoo.

To commemorate Nobunaga no Yabou Online's twelve anniversary, the MMO hosted a Sanada themed dungeon and a giveaway for this game. The giveaway ended on May 10.


Katsuyori Takeda's design is reused in Samurai Warriors 5.

A remixed version Youthful Courage and Giant Among Men are used in Samurai Warriors 5.

Chacha and Sasuke's voice actors recast their new roles as Mitsuki and Shikanosuke Yamanaka respectively in Samurai Warriors 5. Presumably, Chacha and Sasuke aren't appeared in Samurai Warriors 5.

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  • Unshō Ishizuka is the last role as Ujiyasu in the Warriors series before his passing on August 13, 2018.
  • Hidetada is voiced by Yusuke Handa. However, originally Hidetada was voiced by Shouta Ebina in the Anime.
  • Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada is the last Warriors title to be released in PS3 port as well as the last to be released in Heisei era.


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