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Contains news concerning Koei Tecmo's activities in the year 2009.




  • Video game companies Koei and Tecmo merge to create Tecmo KOEI Holdings Co.



  • A PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 conversion of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce was announced for Japan and will be out in stores on October 1. It is titled Shin Sangoku Musou Multi Raid Special.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online will be updated with a new patch titled Revolution 4. It enables players to equip Cao Ren, Zhou Tai, and Yue Ying's weapons.
  • Koei is performing a collaboration event with the anime Souten Kōro in three of their titles.




  • The official site for Samurai Warriors 3 has updated with more information regarding characters and the Nazo no Murasamejo mode. Voice clips and trailers are now available.
  • Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires will be ported to the PlayStation Portable.
  • Koei's "mystery title" from TGS 2009 is a Warriors version of the Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) anime. Videos of the October 14th press release are now available for normal viewing on Niconico Douga.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online will have Yue Ying's weapon available on October 20th. The fourth tie-in event with Souten Kouro is a side quest for Wei during the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun.


  • A sequel to Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is announced. One of the new characters includes Da Qiao.
  • More characters confirmed in Samurai Warriors 3. There is also information about the online shopping features available for the game.
  • Dynasty Warriors Online is updating to Revolution 5 on November 17th. The new story scenario for this patch is conquering Jing Province. Players can also gain access to Zhen Ji, Sun Ce, and Huang Zhong's weapons as well as a panda pet to fight for them. The Self-Torture Ruse planned by Zhou Yu and Huang Gai can also be done as a new mini-quest.
  • Musou Orochi Z released for the PC in Japan.