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Tenko (天狐) are a type of Japanese divine beast. A kitsune (fox spirit) who has aged 1,000 years becomes a tenko, a nine-tailed fox spirit. It is viewed as a benign guardian entity and a helpful servant for rice gods. If it lives to 3,000 years, the tenko will evolve into the highest rank for its kind, a kuuko .

Versions of these beasts serve as Toukiden's mascot characters. Players who participated in Famitsu's Toukiden questionnaire answered that Tenko was their fifth favorite character, tying with Fugaku for the same spot. It placed seventh in a popularity survey for the sequel. According to his journal entry, one Tenko is one of Nyabraham Linnyahn's childhood friends.

Role in Games

Tenko are mysterious divine beings with the power to transform themselves and manipulate their auras. They are born outside of Nakatsu Kuni with no known packs. Clever and friendly towards humans, they integrate themselves into society as helpers or pets. They enjoy napping leisurely in villages and wander to wherever pleases them. Tenko communicate with "Chuu!" mewings, which can be translated by people.

The protagonist obtains a female Tenko pet in chapter 2. She can be found next to the fireplace (save point) in the protagonist's house. Horou thinks Tenko is too hard for her to pronounce and personally nicknames the pet "Tenkichi" (天吉) for her sake.

Kyokai abducts the protagonist's Tenko during Kiwami to learn information about Utakata and to lure the protagonist into a trap. She feeds it a portion of the "Eclipse Demon"'s influences, transforming the Tenko into a Imihayahi. Since Tenko have divine origins, the fox's soul isn't completely corrupted. It reverts to its normal state after the protagonist and company cleanse Imihayahi.


Talking to the protagonist's Tenko the option to send her away for treasure hunting. Confirm an area for her search and she will disappear to loot it. She will return home when the player has cleared a mission, bringing back parts which can be sold or used for making equipment. The results of her findings are completely random.

The Tenko may change her pigmentation after returning from her trip. Red, pink, green, blue, golden fur Tenko are the known variations. Candies can also be given to change the tone of her voice

After the player completes the main story, the Tenko can explore the upper tier version of an area. The player has to complete at least one mission in an area for her to explore it.

Toukiden: Kiwami allows the Tenko to equip a Mitama before leaving base and use its abilities to assist the player's team if they are in the same area. The player has to locate and contact it on the map for it to follow the party. When attacked by demons it teleports away for a few seconds. A new mood parameter affects its likelihood of retrieving rare goods. Players may choose to equip it with decorations to increase its findings or improve their pet's mood with food. Tenko related goods can be found at the Shop.

Location Possible Loot
Miyabi 巨大な蓮の葉, 石化草木, 艶やかな布地, はまぐりの貝殻, 独鈷杵, 浄土の蓮華, 銅鉱石, 赤土, 穢土, 砕けた大刀, 猫目石, 変質した骨, 穢土, 式札, 変質した骨
Bu ねじれた根, 瘴気茸, 刃こぼれした太刀, いかめしい木像, 伊良太加, 真榊, 銅鉱石, 殺生石, 穢土, 砕けた大刀, 割れた兜, 変質した骨, 変質した皮, 古銭, 刃こぼれした太刀, 鍬形, ねじれた根, 変質した骨, 真榊
Sen 折れた槍, 軍配団扇, 赤土, 変質した皮, 熱い石, 紅玉, 殺生石, 裂けた甲冑, 猫目石, 歪んだ鉄筒, 火鼠の皮衣
An お守り袋, 変質した骨, 飾りかんざし, 古銭, 異文銭, 縛縄, 鬼火提灯, 茅の輪, 砕けた大刀, 穢土, 謎の爪, 石化した骨, 散桜, 銅鉱石, 宵の明星, 金眼四ツ目の鬼面
Ran 鉄鉱石, 茅の輪, 淡雪, 謎の爪, 万年氷, だんだら羽織, 殺生石, 謎の牙, 古銭, 白熊毛頭, 漆黒の爪牙, 紫水晶, 壊れた洋式銃
Ko 猫目石, 鉄鉱石, 茅の輪, 壊れた埴輪, 奇想天外, 謎の牙, 謎の爪, 小さな土偶, 呪鏡, 勾玉, 磨き砂, 漆黒の爪牙, 紫水晶, 赤土, 古銭, 青銅の剣, 金眼四ツ目の鬼面
Miyabi (upper tier) 真銀鉱石, 金紅石, 日の輪, 浄土の蓮華, 天津管麻, 独鈷杵, 謎の大爪, 硬石草木, 異界漂流物, 金眼四ツ目の鬼面, 金剛杵, やらいのつぶて, 式盤, 三千世界の蓮華
Bu (upper tier) 真銀鉱石, 冬虫夏草, 金紅石, ひもろぎの枝, 硬木の根, 謎の大爪, 天津金木, 異界漂流物, 八幡神像, 日の輪, 真榊, 朽ちた大鎧, 天津管麻, 異形の太刀, 幻獣骨, 伊良太加
Sen (upper tier) 耐火草, 謎の大爪, 金紅石, 真銀鉱石, 戦火刀, 異界漂流物, 丹, 名物茶器, 天津金木, 下天の炎, 天津管麻, 火鼠の皮衣, 軍配団扇, 幻獣骨, 金眼四ツ目の鬼面
An (upper tier) 桜花爛漫、真赤土, 謎の大牙, 侵蝕石, 深青の鉱石, 象牙の根付, 天竺鋼, 金眼四ツ目の鬼面, 花魁かんざし, 異界漂流物, 緋緋色の鉱石
Ran (upper tier) 謎の大牙, 天誅刀, 歪んだ砲弾, 金剛石, 真赤土, 維新の羅針盤, 侵蝕石, 樹氷の枝, 六華, 異界漂流物, 志士の魂, 緋緋色の鉱石
Ko (upper tier) 侵蝕石, 緋緋色の鉱石, 真赤土, 大地の願い, 謎の大牙, 大きな勾玉, 金剛石, 奇想天外, 深蒼の鉱石, 幻獣骨, 砂漠のバラ, 異界漂流物


The protagonist can complete each colored Tenko's request clearly labeled in each posting. They must be unlocked by seeing a colored Tenko at least once and by finishing the requests in consecutive order.

Request Objectives Tips for clearing Reward (aside from bond boost)
いかめしい木像 Find on the ground in Bu. Common. 塵芥
お守り袋x3 Find on the ground in An. Common. 50 haku
Slay 2 Kueyama Select a mission which has it as the objective and clear it twice. Bathing Permit x1
真淵の鎌x2 Select a mission which has Mafuchi as the objective and break off its sickle parts. Purify it. Rare 金眼四ツ目の鬼面
王者の翼 Select a mission which has Tokoyo no Ou as the objective and break off its wings. Purify it. Rare 軍配団扇


  • Angel Decoration (えんぜる装束) - completely clear main narrative of the vanilla title and transfer save data to Kiwami.