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Contains news concerning Koei Tecmo's activities in the year 2023.










  • As of August 31, Koei Tecmo America is now able to respond to inquiries through customer support in European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simple Chinese, in addition to English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
  • North American fans of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty have a chance of winning free merchandise by participating in a collaboration giveaway between Koei Tecmo and Logitech. 3 winners will be decided at the end of September 18.
  • A live broadcast for the 3rd anniversary of Sangokushi Hadou will be held on September 11. Guests include the game's producer Yukinori Ito and voice actor Shinobu Matsumoto.
  • To promote Atelier Resleriana, preview videos of various legacy characters will be released sequentially starting on September 4.
  • Koei Tecmo will be revealing its new game line-up in Tokyo Game Show 2023 from September 21 to 22. The games scheduled to be featured featured are Fate/Samurai Remnant and Atelier Resleriana.
  • Starting on September 14, Nobunaga no Yabou Shutsujin players will be able to participate in siege battles that yield numerous rewards based on the number of castles they capture. A conquest rate bonus is implemented to increase the ability of troops joining the battle. More relevant information concerning siege battles can be read in this article.
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation held a special campaign that enabled players to unlock Yukino as well as SSR swimsuits for her, Nyotengu, and Monica. The campaign lasted from September 7 to 14.
    • A new bandit-themed swimsuit called Unlock Heart has been added starting on September 14.
  • Yuki Kure is currently holding an art exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kiniro no Corda series. Given the subtitle of Memoria, the exhibition is being conducted at the Tower Records in Shibuya from September 2 to 19. Visitors can leave behind message stickers to share their thoughts and support for the series. The venue also includes various merchandise that can be bought on-site or through the Medicos Online Shop site.
  • From September 8 to 14, Nobunaga no Yabou Hadou conducted a lottery promo campaign where several lucky players would earn ¥10,000 worth of Eraberu Pay points used for purchasing certain types of products.
  • Uncharted Waters Online will be starting its newest expansion update Summer Triangle on September 19. New additions include more constellations, character biographies, carriages, and quests. Changes to the adjutant system will also be implemented.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Online ~Tenrou no Shou~ added a new difficulty mode for the Infinity Castle dungeon on September 13. This mode pits players against extremely tough bosses that yield numerous rewards upon their defeat.
    • Until September 20, players who log in daily will be able to receive a Hero Summoning Bell for their troubles.
  • Starting on September 14, Shin Hokuto Musou Mobile players have the opportunity to acquire a UR card of Shin via commemoration gacha.
  • A remake of Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII, titled Sangokushi 8 Remake, was unveiled during the Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast program. The game is slated to be released for the Nintendo Switch in early 2024.
  • A collaboration event between Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Lies of P will begin on September 27. Wo Long players will receive two free unique weapons taken from the latter title.
  • In commemoration of this year's Tokyo Game Show, Koei Tecmo is holding a special sale where buyers can purchase various titles at a lower price than usual. Having begun since September 15, the sale ends on September 25 for Steam, September 27 for the PlayStation Store, and October 9 for the Nintendo eShop.
  • With Atelier Resleriana officially launching on September 23, players can visit the game's Discord server to interact with other fans before its release. A special campaign is also being held there with participants receiving 1,000 Star Guide Stones if they manage to answer three questions from the special form given out.
  • The number of pre-registered users for Atelier Resleriana has exceeded 800,000, further increasing the amount of rewards waiting for them. Should that number reach one million, a catalog gift campaign worth ¥25 million will be initiated.
  • Information concerning the next downloadable content for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been revealed with Sun Ce taking the spotlight in the Conqueror of Jiangdong scenario. Additional equipment, allied officers, and even a new weapon type can be acquired by obtaining this pack.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Shutsujin is holding a collaboration event to celebrate this year's Grand Sekigahara Festival. Taking place in the town of Sekigahara at Fuwa District from October 14 to 15, players can attend Koei Tecmo's booth there and obtain certificates for clearing missions centered around the festivities.
  • A new character from Atelier Resleriana has recently been revealed during Tokyo Game Show 2023. Reche, the artist who sung the image song for Atelier Ryza 3, returns as the main vocalist for this title.
  • On September 23, Atelier Resleriana has been officially released for mobile users. A newly-drawn illustration was upload to commemorate the event. Also, the game's Steam version will be released at a later date.
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation has conducted a tie-up event involving the illustrator Yomu. By completing the time-limited panel missions, players will be able to acquire a drawn illustration of Shandy as an SSR decoration bromide.
  • The second downloadable scenario of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has been released along with more additional content for players to enjoy.
  • 100man-nin no Winning Post is celebrating its 12th anniversary by holding a special campaign for players both old and new.
  • To celebrate this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, Koei Tecmo will be holding a special sale where some of their titles in the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, and Steam will be sold at discount prices.
  • Shin Hokuto Musou Mobile has recently added a new UR card featuring Juza as part of its campaign to celebrate Fist of the North Star's 40th anniversary. 700 special gacha tickets will also be handed out to new players who have recently downloaded the game into their mobile device.
  • Nobunaga no Yabou Shutsujin has recently released a series of time-limited missions revolving around the first battle at Ueda Castle. Fittingly enough, players will have a chance of acquiring SSR cards of Sanada Masayuki and his son Nobuyuki.
  • Fate/Samurai Remnant has officially been released with the final trailer uploaded to promote it.
  • Services for Youkai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars have officially ended with players receiving refunds for any jewels they might have bought.
  • Koei Tecmo Spot is now selling coffee mugs and cork coasters featuring characters from Buddy Mission BOND.



  • An autumn sale is being conducted for the company's older titles on Steam.
  • Koei Tecmo Games has publicly announced its latest game Winning Post 10 2024 on November 24. A teaser video was shown with the game planned for release on March 28, 2024.