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The Koei Tecmo Wiki is an independent wiki that covers encyclopedic knowledge on the video game company Koei Tecmo and its many IPs.


Originally called the Dynasty Warriors Wiki, the site came into being in 2006 with multiple fans coming together to compile information on the various games. Hosted on Fandom (formerly known as Wikia at the time), it soon grew enough to the point where its focus expanded beyond the Dynasty Warriors series and into Koei's whole game line-up. This led to the community renaming itself as the Koei Wiki.

Despite the company merging itself with Tecmo on 2008, the wiki focused more on creating content for Koei's side as other similar sites were made for many of Tecmo's famous titles like Dead or Alive or Ninja Gaiden. It resulted in those wikis being made into sister sites that happen to share the same host. For a time, the Koei Wiki enjoyed a moment in the spotlight when it briefly became one of the top 100 active wiki communities of Fandom.

In late August 2023, it was decided that the wiki would fork away from Fandom due to the hosting company's more controversial decisions driving away both users and editors alike. Some of these decisions included cluttering pages with excessive advertisements and implementing a flawed AI system for easy questions in the foreseeable future. Another factor that influenced the migration was the fact that two-thirds of users viewed the site via phone rather than through PC. The wiki soon moved to StrategyWiki's own hosting platform ABXY where it was renamed the Koei Tecmo Wiki in order to distinguish it from its original counterpart in Fandom. Its layout was also revamped for that same reason.


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